25 terms

NUR 206 CHP 13

What is a family?
A family is who they say they are
Family is a self identified
group of 2 or more people
What identifies a durability of family relationship
strong emotional ties
If family members are alienated or distanced geographically, they are?
never truly relinuqished family memberships
What is designed to maintain the integrity of the family
What is a nuclear family
a father and mother with one or more children, living together as a single family unit
What is a extended family
nuclear family unit combination of second and third generation members related by blood or marriage but not living together
What is a three generational family
any combination of first second and third generation members living within a household
What is a dyad family
husband and wife or other couple living alone without children
What is a Single Parent Family
divored, never married, separated, or widowed male or female and at least one child; most single parent families are headed by women
Blended or reconstituted family
a combination of tgwo families with children from one or both families and sometimes children of the newly married couple
common law family
an unmarried couple living together with or without children
no kin
a group of atleast two people sharing a nonsexual relationship and exchanging support who have no legal, blood or strong emotional tie
polygamous family
one man with several spouses
What is a same sex family
a homosexual or lesbian couple living together with or without children
What is a Commune
More than one couple living together and sharing resources
What is a group marriagea
all individuals are married to one another and are considered parents of all the children
5 Factors of a Biological Family
1. Family is created without loss
2. There are Shared Family Traditions
3. One set of family rules evolve
4. Children arrive one at a time
5. Biological parents live together
5 Factors of a Blended Family
1. Family is born of loss
2. There are two sets of family traditions
3. Family rules are varied and complicated
4. Instant parenthood of children at different ages occur
5. bviological parents live apart
Duvalls 9 Characteristics of a successfull family
1. An independent home
2. satisfactory wars of earning and spending money
3. Mutually acceptable patterns in the divison of labor
4. Continuity of mutually satisfying sexual relationships
5. An open system of communication
6. Workable relationships with relatives
7 ways of interacting with the larger social community
8, competency in childbearing and child rearing
9. a workable philosophy of life
9 Indicators for Family Assessment
1. Physical Injury
2. Family involvement
3. deteroation of a family member
4. illness of adverse response
5. discharge to an extended care facility
6. Death
7. Health Problems
8. Threat
Instrumental Functioning to achieve goals is?
Expressive functioning in a family is
Communication, Problem Solving Skills, Beliefs
Disruptive Challeneges in a family is
Retirement Marriage Divorce
Unexpected or existing challenges in a family is
sudden loss of a job, untimely death or unexpected prego