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A function used to add values in rows or columns.


A function used to fnd the numeric average of a group of cells.


A detailed estimate of income and expense over a certain period of time.

Cell content

the words, numbers, and symbols that appear inside a cell.


To remove all of the contents of a cell.


The location where timems such as cells and text are placed when they are copied.


To creat a copy of selected times in a worksheet. The copy is placed on the Clipboard.


To remove selected item from a file. the time that are removed are place on the Clipboard


To make Changes to the content of a cell.

Fill handle

A tool that lets you fill multiple cells with the same content by using one cell as an example.


A list of preset formulas that are used to solve equations.

Go To

A command that allows you to move directly to a particular cell.


A function used to identify the largest value in a group of cells.


A function used to identify the smallest value in a group of cells.


To place items that have been copied to the Clipboard into a file.

Research task pane

A task pane that allows you to look up information while you are using Excel.

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