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  1. plasmodium
  2. aerial roots
  3. class crustacean
  4. pheophyta
  5. amoeba
  1. a roots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest
  2. b plant like protists have sea weeds
  3. c genus of sporozoa that causes malarai
  4. d crabs, lobsters, shrimp, have cephalothoroax and abdomen, two pairs of antennae,
  5. e commmon freshwater naked sarcodina, no shell

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  1. doesn't use air and produce 2 atp
  2. skin, mucus membrane, phagocytes, antibodies, antibiotics
  3. organisms that produce usable energy for other organisms
  4. roots that grow from cuttings
  5. segmented worms, body divided into segments,

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  1. pistilfemale reproduce sturucte of flower,


  2. phototrophiclight,


  3. gram negativeorganism not stained with gram stain, solid cell wall


  4. trpanosomamastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness


  5. parmeciumcommon freshwater ciliata