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  1. electrophoresis
  2. class zygomycetes
  3. proglotids
  4. phylum mollusca
  5. agar
  1. a using electricity to compare similar proteins
  2. b snails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet
  3. c molds, no septa,
  4. d nutrient rich material made from sea weed that is used to grow bacteria
  5. e individual body segmetns,

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  1. contain jellyfish, coral sea fans, sea anemones, tissue grade construction, radial symmetry
  2. comparing certain biochemicals from different organisms to look for relationships
  3. flowering plants that produce covered seeds
  4. common free living flat worm, class turbullaria
  5. rootlike structure of a fern

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  1. diatomsphylum chrystophyta, have a silica cell wall, dead empty shells accumulate forming diatomaceous earth used in filters, toohspatste, silver polish


  2. waxy cuticleouter layer of plant leaf, waterproofs the leaf


  3. palisade mesophyllhaploid stage of plant, gametes


  4. phylum anthropodaroundworms, first animals to have two openings in digestive tract


  5. mycoplasmasroots that aid in suppport