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  1. phylum platyhelminthees
  2. bacterial diseases
  3. elephantiasis
  4. half-life
  5. excureent growth
  1. a transmnitted by mosquitoes, blocks lymphatic system , causes sweelign
  2. b amount of time it takes for a radioactive object to lose half its radioactivity
  3. c strep throat, plague, and syphillus
  4. d flatworms, organ grade construuuction, bilateral symmetry
  5. e plants with one straight central stem with smaller lateral branches pine trees

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  1. colored leaf like structures of a flower that attract pollinators,
  2. roots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest
  3. a mutualistic relationship between fungus and certain plant roots, fungus gives roots protection and roots give fungus nutrients
  4. umbrella shaped, swimming form
  5. plant like protists have sea weeds

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  1. bacillusrod-shaped


  2. anaerobicdoesn't use air and produce 2 atp


  3. collar cellsin porifera, create a current, food in water filters through body


  4. palisade mesophyllhighly ordered arrangement of cells, site of photosyntehsis


  5. aerobicuses air in cellular respiration that produces 36 atp


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