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  1. class sarcodina
  2. pheophyta
  3. stomata
  4. phototropism
  5. celiota compestis
  1. a light,
  2. b openings in leaf, number varies, h20 02 exit
  3. c edible mushroom, full septa
  4. d plant like protists have sea weeds
  5. e phylum protozoa, have pseudopods

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  1. roundworms, first animals to have two openings in digestive tract
  2. contain jellyfish, coral sea fans, sea anemones, tissue grade construction, radial symmetry
  3. snails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet
  4. chemicals in your body that interfere with virus production
  5. biston bitularia, two forms-light and dark live on birch trees

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  1. trpanosomamastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness


  2. collar cellsin porifera, create a current, food in water filters through body


  3. angiospermcommmon freshwater naked sarcodina, no shell


  4. gametophytehaploid stage of plant, gametes


  5. trychosystsdart like defensive structures