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  1. nematocysts
  2. binary fission
  3. deliquescent growth
  4. pistil
  5. electrophoresis
  1. a stinging cells that line the tentacles of cnidarians
  2. b plants with high branched stems, oak tree
  3. c female reproduce sturucte of flower,
  4. d asexual reproduction of monerans
  5. e using electricity to compare similar proteins

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  1. edible mushroom, full septa
  2. common free living flat worm, class turbullaria
  3. all organisms from one ancestor
  4. chemicals in your body that interfere with virus production
  5. contain fertialized eggs

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  1. adventitious rootsfusion of segments into functional units


  2. analogous structuresbody parts that have similar function but diff structures bird wing insect wing


  3. stomataopenings in leaf, number varies, h20 02 exit


  4. phylum cnidariasnails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet


  5. comparative biochemistrycomparing certain biochemicals from different organisms to look for relationships