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  1. trpanosoma
  2. peppered moth
  3. tropism
  4. plasmodium
  5. sporophyte
  1. a diploid stage of plant, spores
  2. b response to stimuli, postive - toward , neg- away from stimuli
  3. c biston bitularia, two forms-light and dark live on birch trees
  4. d genus of sporozoa that causes malarai
  5. e mastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness

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  1. umbrella shaped, swimming form
  2. plants with one straight central stem with smaller lateral branches pine trees
  3. upper and lower layer of cells, protect with chemicals, spines, hairs
  4. spiral shaped
  5. protective covering that viruses and bacteria form during harsh conditions

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  1. phototropismorganisms that get energy directly from sun


  2. stigmatop sticky part that catches pollen,


  3. class zygomycetesmolds, no septa,


  4. agarnutrient rich material made from sea weed that is used to grow bacteria


  5. nematocystsdart like defensive structures