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  1. bacillus
  2. trpanosoma
  3. planaria
  4. pheophyta
  5. sexual reproduction
  1. a plant like protists have sea weeds
  2. b mastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness
  3. c common free living flat worm, class turbullaria
  4. d two hyphae strands join together - nuclei fuse- produce zygospore
  5. e rod-shaped

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  1. leaf like structure of a fern
  2. genus of sporozoa that causes malarai
  3. diploid stage of plant, spores
  4. roots that grow from cuttings
  5. flowering plants that produce covered seeds

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  1. pyrrophytaplants that grow on other plants, aerial roots


  2. phylum platyhelmintheesflatworms, organ grade construuuction, bilateral symmetry


  3. gravid proglottidcontain fertialized eggs


  4. trychosystsfusion of segments into functional units


  5. monophyleticall organisms from one ancestor