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  1. gram positive
  2. phylum anthropoda
  3. gravid proglottid
  4. angiosperm
  5. waxy cuticle
  1. a insects, arachinds, crusaceans, jointed feet
  2. b outer layer of plant leaf, waterproofs the leaf
  3. c organisms that can be stained with gram stain, have layered cell wall
  4. d flowering plants that produce covered seeds
  5. e contain fertialized eggs

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  1. horseshoe crabs, have cephelothorax and abdomen, one pair of compound eyes, all marines
  2. body parts with no function
  3. stinging cells that line the tentacles of cnidarians
  4. light,
  5. where mitosis in plant roots occur

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  1. asexual reproductionproduce sporangium, produce spores,


  2. ocellitubular, stationary form of cnidarians


  3. gymnospermplants that produce naked seeds , spruce trees


  4. lines of defenseaids, flu, cold


  5. stomatacolored leaf like structures of a flower that attract pollinators,


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