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Incrementalism (Model)


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Public budget changing each fiscal year
Nixon incrementalism
Withdraw troops from ground, started to bomb
Views policy as continuation of past government activities with only small moderations. Most popular in USA
Conservative policy because
It considers existing policy as base, and new problems are ignored
Believe that policies in effect have been proven, why alter what has proven effective
Charles Lindblom
They do not calculate net benefits and disadvantages any longer. Instead we use incrementalism.
Look at last year's policy and decide this year's change
-Stability/stable policy.
-Reliance on previous companies; not refighting old battles.
-Fewer unanticipated consequences.
-allows to utilize knowledge, experience, and history
-does not allow sunk cost to have been in vain
-listing all possible alternatives is not necessary for finding the best way to address a problem within society, can stop when a way around to work effecientlh
Consists of escalation and descalation or Vietnamization over time. Doesn't work with depression or if the system is headed to breakdown