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  1. Multipennate
  2. First class lever
  3. Aponeuroses
  4. Anatomical term: Gluteus
  5. Quadrate
  1. a Fasciculi arranged at many places around a central tendon.
  2. b Broad, sheetlike; or short, almost nonexistant.
  3. c Common name: Buttock
  4. d Four sided with right angles.
  5. e Fulcrum is between resistance and effort.
    Ex: neck

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  1. Common name: Long
  2. One muscle that plays the major role in accomplishing a desired movement.
  3. Fasciculi arranged in a circle around an opening and act as sphincters to close the opening.
  4. Common name: Quadrangular
  5. Many origins.

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  1. AntagonistMuscle acting in opposition to an agonist.


  2. Triangular3 sided


  3. BellyPart of the mnuscle between the origin and insertion.


  4. TendonMany origins.


  5. ActionMovement accomplished when the muscle contracts.