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  1. Action
  2. Pennate/bipennate
  3. Aponeuroses
  4. Anatomical term: Teres
  5. Trapezium
  1. a Movement accomplished when the muscle contracts.
  2. b Arranged like the barbs of a feather on 2 sides of a common tendon.
  3. c Common name: Round
  4. d Four sided, no right angles, no parallel sides.
  5. e Broad, sheetlike; or short, almost nonexistant.

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  1. Common name: Quadrangular
  2. Fixed ends of bone. The attachment point of a muscle; usually stationary and at the proximal end of the muscle.
  3. 3 sided
  4. Four sided with right angles.
  5. Common name: Large

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  1. FusiformSpindle shaped


  2. Anatomical term: RectusCommon name: Straight


  3. HeadPart of the mnuscle between the origin and insertion.


  4. Location, size, shape, orientation, origin, # of heads, functionCommon name: Quadrangular


  5. TendonMany origins.