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  1. Second class lever
  2. Fusiform
  3. Anatomical term: Gluteus
  4. Anatomical term: Pectoralis
  5. Tendon
  1. a Resistance is between fulcrum and effort.
    Ex: standing on toes, wheelborrow
  2. b The attachment point of muscle and bone. Long, cable-like extensions, cylindrical.
  3. c Spindle shaped
  4. d Common name: Chest
  5. e Common name: Buttock

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  1. Common name: Straight
  2. Members of a group of muscles working together to produce a movement.
  3. Muscles usually lie ____ the bone.
  4. Four sided with no right angles.
  5. Fasciculi are parallel to long axis of the muscle.

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  1. Anatomical term: BrevisCommon name: Straight


  2. Anatomical term: BrachiumCommon name: Arm


  3. HeadMany origins.


  4. Prime moverMuscles usually lie ____ the bone.


  5. Triangular3 sided