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  1. Anatomical term: Brevis
  2. Anatomical term: Rectus
  3. Anatomical term: Deltoid
  4. Triangular
  5. Anatomical term: Masseter
  1. a Common name: Triangular
  2. b Common name: Short
  3. c Common name: Straight
  4. d Common Name: Chewer
  5. e 3 sided

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  1. Common name: Arm
  2. Muscles usually lie ____ the bone.
  3. Four sided with no right angles.
  4. All fasiculi on one side of the tendon.
  5. Muscles that hold one bone in place relative to the body while a more distal bone is moved.

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  1. Second class leverEffort is between resistance and fulcrum.
    Ex: person using shovel


  2. Location, size, shape, orientation, origin, # of heads, functionCommon name: Chest


  3. AgonistMuscle acting in opposition to an agonist.


  4. TendonThe attachment point of muscle and bone. Long, cable-like extensions, cylindrical.


  5. Orbicular (sphyncter)Fasciculi arranged in a circle around an opening and act as sphincters to close the opening.


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