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Which of these characteristics is shared by algae and seed plants?
Some green algae exhibit alternation of generations. All land plants exhibit alternation of generations. No charophytes exhibit alternation of generations. Keeping in mind the recent evidence from molecular systematics, the correct interpretation of these observations is that
plants evolved alternation of generations independently of green algae.
Big Bend National Park in Texas is mostly Chihuahuan desert, where rainfall averages about 10 inches per year. Yet, it is not uncommon when hiking in this bone-dry desert to encounter mosses and ferns. One such plant is called "flower of stone." It is not a flowering plant, nor does it produce seeds. Under arid conditions, its leaflike structures curl up. However, when it rains, it unfurls its leaves, which form a bright green rosette on the desert floor. Consequently, it is sometimes called the "resurrection plant." At first glance, it could be a fern, a true moss, or a spike moss.

Which of the following characteristics is (are) possessed in common by true mosses, ferns, and spike mosses, and therefore becomes useless at helping to determine to which of these groups flower of stone belongs?
1. a sporophyte generation that is dominant
2. true leaves and roots
3. flagellated sperm
4. strobili
5. alternation of generations
3 and 5
Which of the following is true of the life cycle of mosses?
Antheridia and archegonia are produced by gametophytes.
In mosses gametes are produced by _____; in ferns gametes are produced by _____.
mitosis ... mitosis
Where do fern antheridia develop?
on the underside of the gametophyte
The conspicuous part of a fern plant is a _____.
diploid sporophyte
The question is based on the following description.

A biology student hiking in a forest happens upon an erect, 15-cm-tall plant that bears microphylls and a strobilus at its tallest point. When disturbed, the cone emits a dense cloud of brownish dust. A pocket magnifying glass reveals the dust to be composed of tiny spheres with a high oil content.

This organism probably belongs to the same phylum as the
club mosses, quillworts, and spike mosses
Select the correct statement about charophytes, a taxon of green algae.
A.] Living charophytes are the algal ancestors of land plants.
B.] Charophytes and land plants share four distinctive traits.
C.] Charophytes are embryophytes.
Which of the following is not evidence that charophytes are the closest algal relatives of plants?
the presence of chloroplasts