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for friday


a. to actively second and encourage (as an activity or plan)
b. : to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose


a. of or relating to conversation : CONVERSATIONAL
b. a: used in or characteristic of familiar and informal conversation; also: unacceptably informal b: using conversational style


a. to bring into domestic use : ADOPT
b. : to adapt (an animal or plant) to life in intimate association with and to the advantage of humans
c. : to make domestic : fit for domestic life
d. : to bring to the level of ordinary people


a. to cut with blows of a heavy cutting instrument
b. : to fell by blows of an ax
c. : to give form or shape to with or as if with heavy cutting blows


a. restrained in words and actions
b. : kept or set apart or aside for future or special use


a. an elaborate discourse delivered in a formal and dignified manner


a. to influence or entice by soft words or flattery


lacking adult sophistication\


a. : a furnace or a shop with its furnace where metal is heated and wrought : SMITHY
b. : a workshop where wrought iron is produced or where iron is made malleable


a. to have confidence : TRUST, to show confidence by imparting secrets


a. capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : DOCILE
b. : easily handled, managed, or wrought


a. an often explosive salt
b. to utter or send out with denunciation

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