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The domestic violence study conducted in 1984 by Sherman and Berk had an ethical concern in that:

They potentially withheld a beneficial treatment


Commitment to what is deemed the "necessary starting point" for all research that is ethical?

The "Belmont Report"

The Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects was created based on the principles established by the:


Committees which review research proposals for adherence to ethical guidelines are called ______________ Review Boards.


Understanding the meanings people give reality instead of how reality works is the goal of:

Researchers may debrief the subjects

Which of the following is the best available option to researchers conducting a study requiring some deception of the subjects?

Debrief them at the end

Sara presents subjects with photographs of people and asks them to describe their impressions. In order to get their honest opinions, she does not tell them that she is studying the stereotypes people form based on race and gender. In order to adhere to ethical guidelines as best as possible, she should:

Mass media publicity

Sherman and Berk's domestic violence study has been criticized for its:

Deception of the subjects

Of the following violations to general ethical rules, _______ is most common and most acceptable, if properly addressed?

The ethics of Zimbardo's prison study have been debated because researchers:

Permitted several "prisoners" to experience severe psychological negative reactions.


Researchers must set aside all personal biases and prejudices if research is to be approached:

Institutional review board (HSRB)

Most universities require researchers to have all research involving human subjects authorized by the:


__________ classifications of subjects cannot legally give consent on their own?

No traumatic reactions to the study

One year after completion of Milgram's obedience study, interviews of the subjects conducted by a psychiatrist found evidence of:

Positivist, positivest

Researchers with a ______________ philosophy believe that by being objective and unbiased they can see reality clearly, while researchers with a ______________ philosophy believe that they can only achieve inter-subjective agreement about the nature of reality.

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