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  1. bench mark
  2. rift valley
  3. Continental drift theroy
  4. s wave (secondary wave)
  5. ring of fire
  1. a valley that developes in mid ocean ridges
  2. b linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that condencis in general with margins of the pacific plate
  3. c all continnental plates are drifting on the asthenosphere
  4. d earthquake wave that can pass threw land arrives 2nd
  5. e permanent reconizable point at a known elevation

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  1. 2 lithosphere plates move past each other without creating new lithosphere or destroying old lithosphere
  2. place on earth's surrface directly above and earthquakes focus
  3. deep ocean chasms paralle to the continents or island ark
  4. lithosphere plates seperate
  5. theroy that the bottom of the ocean is moving apart and getting longer

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  1. convectionone tectonic plate slidding under another


  2. subductionone tectonic plate slidding under another


  3. asthenosphereplace where no seimic waves are recived when an earth quake forms


  4. pangaeawhat the continents looked like before they moved


  5. earthquaketop of a folded layer of rock