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  1. s wave (secondary wave)
  2. orogeny
  3. hot spot
  4. trench
  5. ring of fire
  1. a linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that condencis in general with margins of the pacific plate
  2. b earthquake wave that can pass threw land arrives 2nd
  3. c volcanoes form over hot spots hot spots move
  4. d deep ocean chasms paralle to the continents or island ark
  5. e process of a mountin making or uplifting

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  1. earth quzke wave that can pass threw solid and liquid arrives 1st
  2. wave than can only pass threw land not water
  3. large tidal wave caused by sudden movement of sea floor during an earthquake
  4. thin outter most layer of the lithosphere
  5. crack in earths crust along which movement occurs

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  1. convergent plate boundarislithosphere plates collide


  2. divergent plate boundarieslithosphere plates seperate


  3. rift valleycrack in earths crust along which movement occurs


  4. magnitudebottom of a folded layer of rock


  5. seismographinstoment that measurse he magnitude of eartquakes


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