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  1. trench
  2. asthenosphere
  3. rift valley
  4. bench mark
  5. subduction
  1. a deep ocean chasms paralle to the continents or island ark
  2. b valley that developes in mid ocean ridges
  3. c permanent reconizable point at a known elevation
  4. d upper part of the cappable of deformation and flow under heat and pressure
  5. e one tectonic plate slidding under another

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  1. a theroy of crustal movement that combines sea floor spreeding with continental drift
  2. plce where rock regins to seperate during an earthquake usually underground
  3. process of a mountin making or uplifting
  4. top of a folded layer of rock
  5. crack in earths crust along which movement occurs

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  1. convectiona form of heat flow that moves matter and energy as density currents under the influnce of gravity


  2. s wave (secondary wave)earth quzke wave that can pass threw solid and liquid arrives 1st


  3. hot spotvolcanoes form over hot spots hot spots move


  4. ring of firepermanent reconizable point at a known elevation


  5. Continental drift theroyall continnental plates are drifting on the asthenosphere