12 terms

Marine Environment

continental shelf
rims the land, coral and other plants and seaweeds found here because it is shallower water and sun shines through for energy.
continental slope
drop to the sea floor
salt in the ocean
adds bouyancy
increasing depth
increasing darkness, increasing pressure, decreasing temperature, change in animal species, decreasing number and variety of plant life.
what happens to o2 in water
it is disolved
underwater valley
hydrothermal vents
high water temperature, chemosynthesis provides energy for bacteria
formed when volcanoes break the water surface
microscopic phytoplankton
start many foodchains (photosynthesis)
light zone
200 meters and up
dark zone
200 meters and down
ocean floor
usually flat, covered in sand, mud, decaying plants and animals, rock, and shipwrecks!