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Along with the definitions, be able to compare Egypt to Nubia and Kush. You will need a topic sentence, at least five comparisons with elaboration, and a concluding sentence.


a strong civilization that arose south of Egypt in this region


Nubia arose in this present-day country


Egyptian word for Nubia; means "land of the bow"


Nubia was called this during the time the city of Napata was the capital of the kingdom


earliest kingdom of Nubia created when stronger villages overtook weaker ones


grassy plains south of the Sahara Desert where the Nubian people came from


capital city of Kush located in the upper Nile where trade made the kindgom thrive


founded a dynasty that ruled both Egypt and Kush from the city of Napata

iron products and slaves

Traders from Kush traded cotton, textiles, and other goods in exchange for these two things


trading city and center for iron-making; third kingdom of Nubia


Kingdom from present-day Ethiopia that conquered Meroe


Kushite king who began a conquest of Egypt


the people of Meroe learned iron-making from this group of people

Kerma, Kush, Meroe

three kingdoms of ancient Nubia

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