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List the name and age of each of the Logan children

Cassie and 9, little man and 6, Stacie and 12, and Christophor-John and 8

To whom did the Logans' land belong before Grandpa Logan bought it

Harlan Granger

Explain the significance of the school bus speeding up

It would splash Cassie and the others in water

What is significant about the name of the white school and the flags flying in front of it

Name is named after the president of the confederate and for flags is the confederate flag is on top of the American flag saying their laws are more important than the nation's laws

Compare and contrast the buildings of the Jefferson Davis County School with the Great Faith Elementary and Secondary School

Great Faith Elementary and Secondary School is better than Jefferson Davis County School (Great Faith Elementary and Secondary School had buses while Jefferson Davis County School don't)

What point of view is used in the novel? Who is the narrator

1st person and Cassie

Explain why Papa is away working on the railroad

To make money to pay of mortgage of the land

What happened to the Berrys

They were burned by white people

Whom does Papa bring home with him, and why has he been fired

Mr. Morrison and he got into a fight

What do the children overhear after church?

They hear more about the white men harassing black people and more about what happened to the berry's

What does Papa forbid the children to do, and why

Go to Wallace store because people there drink beer

What does Mama mean when she says they're glad to have Mr. Morrison, "especially now

Because they could have protection because their dad is always working and he is never home

Explain why the black students don't have a school bus

They can't afford them

Why doesn't Stacey want to include T.J. in his plan

He talks to much (has a big mouth) and he wouldn't like to help them

How do the Logan children get revenge for the school bus splashing them

They make a big ditch and fill it in water and the bus got stuck and the white children have to walk to school for 2 weeks

Who were the "riders," and what were they doing

They would terrorize the blacks

Why do you think the riders left without doing any harm

They were at the wrong house

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