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People and who they are.

Rusty- James



Owner and bar tender at Benny's Bar. Hangout spot

Coach Ryan

Likes Rusty and wants him to have a chance.

B.J Jackson

Rusty's friend


Motorcycle boys ex- girlfriend. Becomes a sub teacher.

Smokey Bennet

Rusty's old friend who became the leader of everyone, after he got Patty and outsmarted Rusty.


Person who Rusty lives with after reform school.

Motorcycle Boy

Rusty idol and brother.

Steven Hays

Rusty's best friend from when he was a kid.

Skip Handly

Rusty's former enemy

Biff Wilcox

Rusty's enemy who he gets in a knife with and gets ut up.

Jeannie Martin

Rusty's classmate at school

Officer Patterson

Kills Motorcycle Boy and hates Rusty. He has been chasing him for years.


Rusty's old girlfriend who was taken by Smokey.

Rusty's Mom

Lives in California.

Bill Brandon

Was killed in gang times by having his head bashed.

Judie McGee

Flirting with Rusty so Patty beats her up.


Rusty's tall friend.

Marsh Kirk

"Fooled around with Rusty at the lake."

Rusty's Dad

He became a drunk when his wife left.


Owns the pet store.

Don Price

Person Coach Ryan offers Rusty money to beat up for 5$.

S. E. Hinton

Author of Rumble Fish

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