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Christian kingdom in the mountains of east Africa?

great Zimbabwe

capital of inland empire whose name means "great stone building"?


center for trade and learning in Mali


capital of Songhai


kingdom in the rain forest of the guinea coast


worlds largest desert?


ancient kingdom located along the fertile land of the upper Nile?


What is the Kingdom of the Soninke People located between the Niger and Sengal rivers?

iron ore

The Nubian capital of Meroe was an important producer of ________.


The kingdom of _______ had a port on the Red Sea.


monsoon winds aided trade between east Africa and what other country?


what religious tradition did the axumites pars on to the Ethiopia


what group of people developed expert knowledge of the natural world by adapting to life in the Kalahari?

coast line, rain forest, high plateaus and Sahara

what geographic barriers hindered movement in Africa?

Nubian created their ow system of writing using an alphabet.
they worship their own god

how did Nubia prosper?

the Romans built roads ,clams , aqueducts and cities across north Africa

how did the Romans influence northern Africa ?

the savanna traded gold in return of salt because they need salt for their diets and hydration

describe the network of the gold salt trade between the people in the savanna and the people in the Sahara

mansa musa perform the firth pillar (the hajj) he was influential to the kingdom of Mali because he expanded

why was mansa musa so in influential to the kingdom of Mali

history and traditional folk tale

The griots of West Africa preserved _______ traditions.

Asika Muhammad

Who set up a Muslim dynasty in Songhai?

mansa musa

_______ was the ruler who made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states.


The lack of these presented a barrier to the movement of people and
goods in Africa.

its mineral wealth

Africa's trade has always been spurred by this.

its location along a vast trade network

Meroë lasted for hundreds of years in part due to this


The wealth of Carthage arose from this

camel caravans

Trade across the Sahara was revolutionized by this

gold and salt

The Sahara trade was dominated by what two products?

by collecting a toll on all goods entering or leaving Ghana

How did the ruler of Ghana profit from the trade routes that met
in his empire?

military technology

What did the king of Ghana gradually absorb from Muslim traders?

by completing the hajj

How did Mansa Musa forge new trading and diplomatic ties with Muslim states?

by establishing separate government departments

What is one way in which Askia Muhammad improved the government
of Songhai?

strategic location

Axum profited from its

first beneficial, then a drawback.

Axum's conversion to Christianity was

absorbed many traditions

Over the centuries, Ethiopian Christians

marriages between Africans and non-African Muslims.

The spread of Muslim culture in East African city-states was furthered by

includes porcelain from China

Evidence of Zimbabwe's importance as a trading center


One reason Zimbabwe declined was

hunting and gathering

In dry desert areas, people adapted by practicing

matrilineal or patrilineal

Families in Africa might be either _________ or ___________ .


Africans identified __________ with divine spirits.


Art in Africa was closely tied to


The Nubian capital of Meroë was an important producer of

. Mansa Musa

Which of the following rulers made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states?

Red Sea.

Axum prospered partly because it had a port on the

converting to Christianity

King Ezana of Axum strengthened ties with the Mediterranean world by

Kinship ties came through the father's side.

Which of the following statements describes a patrilineal culture?

believing in a supreme being

6.Which of the following practices represents an adaptation to the environment?

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