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  1. trial before Inquisition; church threatens torture = agrees his findings are false; house arrest until death
  2. Cardinal Mazarin was true ruler when Louis was a "boy king"; ended 30 Years War (=France most powerful in Europe); increased taxes and strengthened central gov
  3. linked algebra and geometry; everything doubted until proved by reason (helped advance scientific method)
  4. common defense of absolutism; idea that rulers were given right by God to control the whole country
  5. invaded Spanish Netherlands (gained 12 towns); invaded Dutch Netherlands (gained several towns and region); War of the Spanish Succession (Bourbon dynasty power increases to Spain; other countries feel threatened)

  1. a Who was Rene Descartes?
  2. b What wars did Louis XIV involve in?
  3. c What was the role of Cardinals during King Louis XIV's rule?
  4. d What happened to Galileo when he contradicted the church?
  5. e What is "divine right"?

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  1. What was Japanese policy toward European contact?
  2. What occurred during William and Mary's reign of England?
  3. What were the main ideas of Beccaria?
  4. In the war of Spanish Succession, who gained the throne of Spain?
  5. What were Galileo's discoveries?

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  1. gold, God, gloryWho was the great admiral for the Chinese during their exploration?


  2. kabuki theater (skits about modern urban life); paintings = woodblock prints (show city life); stories of self-made merchants/hardships of life; haiku poetry (images, not ideas)What did Newton discover?


  3. James I --> Charles I --> Oliver Cromwell --> Charles II --> James II --> William and MaryWhat is the order of power within Japanese feudalism?


  4. light/dark contrast; sensual
    What were the reasons in revising the Articles of Confederation?


  5. objets attract to each other on earth and in universeWhat were the main ideas of Voltaire?