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  1. developed experimental method
  2. fought for freedom of speech and religion
  3. Closed Country Policy (closed Japan from all Euro. customs and ideas)
  4. gov. should have separation of powers
  5. New constitution ratified: federal system of gov; bill of rights
  1. a What were the main ideas of Voltaire?
  2. b What were the results of the 1787 Constitutional Convention?
  3. c Who was Francis Bacon?
  4. d What were the main ideas of Montesquieu?
  5. e What was Japanese policy toward European contact?

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  1. How ideas of Enlightenment circulated
  2. Who did the Qing make a vassal state to China?
  3. What are the three factors that encouraged exploration?
  4. What was a "Philosophe"?
  5. Who was Johannes Kepler?

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  1. Zheng HeFamily rule in Central Europe -- what countries did they rule, family name


  2. Line of Russian czars that ruled for 300 years; related to Ivan's wife Anastasia; restored order to RussiaWho was "Ivan the Terrible"?


  3. all humans naturally selfish and wicked; gov. job to keep order; people give up some rights to gain order; best gov.: absolute monarchyHow did Louis XIV control his nobility?


  4. treaty between Spain and Portugal, agreed to imaginary line dividing Spanish and Portuguese landHow did Louis XIV control his nobility?


  5. laws limit a ruler's powerWhat is a constitutional monarchy?