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  1. Restoration
  2. (not a monarch)
    abolished monarchy and House of Lords; constitution drafted then destroyed = military dictator; crushed Ireland rebellion; promoted Puritan morality and abolished "sinful activities"; welcomed all regions (Jews!) except Catholics
  3. ???????
  4. offended by appointing Catholics to high office; dissolved Parliament; daughter Mary (married to Protestant William of Orange) asked to overthrow him = Glorious Revolution
  5. Colonists upset with: navigation acts, stamp acts, boston tea party, british occupy of Boston; colonists feel less identity with Britain than with colony
  1. a Who controlled early trade in the Mediterranean after the crusades?
  2. b What events lead up to the American Revolution?
  3. c What occurred during James II's reign of England?
  4. d After Oliver Cromwell died, Charles II became king and restored the monarchy. What period is this known as?
  5. e What occurred during Oliver Cromwell's reign of England?

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  1. What were the results of the 1787 Constitutional Convention?
  2. Why were Zheng He's voyages stopped?
  3. Who was the great admiral for the Chinese during their exploration?
  4. What were Galileo's discoveries?
  5. Who was Tycho Brahe?

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  1. Czar of Russia; created a secret police force (search for wife's "murderer") to kill nobles; took land from boyars (nobles) and gave to people he favoredWhat was the Romanov Dynasty?


  2. common defense of absolutism; idea that rulers were given right by God to control the whole countryWhat is "divine right"?


  3. gov. corrupted people's natural goodness; only good gov=formed by people and guided by will of societyWho was Francis Bacon?


  4. HongwuWho became the first Ming emperor?


  5. dissolved Parliament when they refused $; Petition of Right signed but ignored; dissolved Parliament; wanted same religion for England; Civil War between Royalists/Cavaliers (Charles's supporters) and Roundheads (Puritan supporters); put on public trial and executionWhat occurred during James I's reign of England?