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  1. women need edu. to become useful (doctors, politics, edu=better moms)
  2. offended by appointing Catholics to high office; dissolved Parliament; daughter Mary (married to Protestant William of Orange) asked to overthrow him = Glorious Revolution
  3. invaded Spanish Netherlands (gained 12 towns); invaded Dutch Netherlands (gained several towns and region); War of the Spanish Succession (Bourbon dynasty power increases to Spain; other countries feel threatened)

  4. Peter I; Czar of Russia; part of Romanov dynasty; reduced power of wealthy land owners and gave more power to low-ranking people; enforced a beard tax; made heavy taxes for his army; westernized Russia
  5. (not a monarch)
    abolished monarchy and House of Lords; constitution drafted then destroyed = military dictator; crushed Ireland rebellion; promoted Puritan morality and abolished "sinful activities"; welcomed all regions (Jews!) except Catholics
  1. a What wars did Louis XIV involve in?
  2. b What were the main ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft?
  3. c Who was "Peter the Great"?
  4. d What occurred during Oliver Cromwell's reign of England?
  5. e What occurred during James II's reign of England?

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  1. Who was Francis Bacon?
  2. What were the main ideas of Thomas Hobbes?
  3. What is the order of dynastic rule in China from 1300s to 1700s?
  4. What were the main ideas of Montesquieu?
  5. Who was the great admiral for the Chinese during their exploration?

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  1. RestorationAfter Oliver Cromwell died, Charles II became king and restored the monarchy. What period is this known as?


  2. Colonists upset with: navigation acts, stamp acts, boston tea party, british occupy of Boston; colonists feel less identity with Britain than with colonyWhat events lead up to the American Revolution?


  3. New constitution ratified: federal system of gov; bill of rightsWhat were the results of the 1787 Constitutional Convention?


  4. conquered Ceuta in North Africa; founded navigation school in PortugalWhat did Newton discover?


  5. ended war between France and Spanish Netherlands (France gained region and several towns)What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas?