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  1. all humans naturally selfish and wicked; gov. job to keep order; people give up some rights to gain order; best gov.: absolute monarchy
  2. Danish astronomer; recorded data of movements of planets around sun
  3. New constitution ratified: federal system of gov; bill of rights
  4. Emperor --> Daimyo(landowners)/Shogon(actual ruler) --> Samurai Warriors (loyal to daimyo/shogoin) --> Peasants/Artisans/Merchants
  5. Nicolaus Copernicus; sun-centered theory
  1. a Who was Tycho Brahe?
  2. b What were the results of the 1787 Constitutional Convention?
  3. c What were the main ideas of Thomas Hobbes?
  4. d What is the order of power within Japanese feudalism?
  5. e Who developed the heliocentric theory, and what was it?

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  1. What are the three factors that encouraged exploration?
  2. What were the main ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft?
  3. Who was Johannes Kepler?
  4. Who did the Qing make a vassal state to China?
  5. Who was Francis Bacon?

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  1. fought for freedom of speech and religionWhat were the reasons in revising the Articles of Confederation?


  2. James I --> Charles I --> Oliver Cromwell --> Charles II --> James II --> William and MaryWhat is the order of power within Japanese feudalism?


  3. Colonists upset with: navigation acts, stamp acts, boston tea party, british occupy of Boston; colonists feel less identity with Britain than with colonyWhat events lead up to the American Revolution?


  4. *Family rule in Central Europe -- what countries did they rule, family name


  5. trial before Inquisition; church threatens torture = agrees his findings are false; house arrest until deathWhat was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas?