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the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye


the transparent structure behind the pupil that changes shape to help focus images on the retina.


a ring of muscle tissue that forms the colored portion of the eye around the pupil and controls the size of the pupil opening


tough, fibrous, white outer coat extending from the cornea to the optic nerve


Middle, vascular layer of the eye, between the retina and the sclera


innermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve

Optic Nerve

The Nerve that carries impulses from the retina to the brain

Ciliary Body

ring of muscle behind the peripheral iris that controls the power of the lens


retinal receptors that detect black, white, and gray; necessary for peripheral and twilight vision


neurons in the retina that are responsible for color vision

Optic Disk

A hole in the retina where the optic nerve fibers exit the eye.


the lining of the eyelids and the covering of the sclera


flap of the ear; the protruding part of the external ear, or pinna


also called the tympanic membrane

auditory canal

the area that sound waves pass through to reach the eardrum


a coiled, bony, fluid-filled tube in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impulses


middle part of the inner ear in front of the semicircular canals and behind the cochlea that contains the utricle and saccule

Semi-Circular Canal

fluid filled canals structure of the inner ear involved in maintaining balance


any error of refraction in which images do not focus properly on the retina


eye disease in which the lens becomes covered in an opaque film that affects sight, eventually causing total blindness.


increased intraocular pressure results in damage to the retina and optic nerve with loss of vision

Macular Degeneration

loss of central vision


the sensation of dizziness


a jingling; ringing or buzzing in the ear

Middle Ear Infection

An infection that occurs behind the eardrum, in the middle part of the ear.


partial or complete hearing loss

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