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  1. Neumega
  2. Karnofsky Performance Scale
  3. Neupogen
  4. Hypercalcemia
  5. Type 4
  1. a What type of reaction would contact dermatitis elicit?
  2. b What med is given to stimulate platelet production?
  3. c Occurs most often in patients with bone metastasis
    ManifestationsL fatigue, decreased appetite, N/V, altered elimination as well as fluid and electrolyte imbalance
    Coll. Care: Hydration therapy, Drugs, Dialysis
  4. d What med stimulates growth of WBC's?
  5. e Used primarily in palliative care settings to assess functional abilities at the end of life
    0=dead 100=doing good

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  1. Compression/obstruction by tumor growth, painful -/+ life threatning emergency.
    Signs include: edema, Stoke's sign, dyspnea, erythema, and epistazis
  2. Immature and primitive, undifferentiated (no function), anaplasia
  3. initation, Promotion, Progression , Metastasis
  4. What type of reaction would Rheumatoid arthritis elicit?
  5. abnormal development or growth of cells, tissues, or organs

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  1. PloidyBased on chromosome # and appearance. number of sets of chromosomes


  2. GAMDEGary ate my dead elephant.


  3. Grade IIMore abnormal, moderate differentation & dysplasia


  4. Progressionprocess of moving forward, developing
    (no contact inhibition)


  5. Agonists (medications) of hormone therapyandrogens, estrogen, progestin, LHRH