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  1. Metastasis
  2. Primary prevention
  3. Hypercalcemia
  4. IgD (1%)
  5. Primary
  1. a Plasma; present on lymphocyte surface
  2. b Self exam, avoidance of known or potential carcinogens, modification of associated factors & remove "at risk" tissues, Chemoprevention (asprin/day), Vaccination
  3. c Occurs most often in patients with bone metastasis
    ManifestationsL fatigue, decreased appetite, N/V, altered elimination as well as fluid and electrolyte imbalance
    Coll. Care: Hydration therapy, Drugs, Dialysis
  4. d Initial exposure--IgM predominates, some IgG 4-8 days
  5. e spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body

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  1. Plasma; antibodies to ABO blood antigens. Highest in initial exposure
  2. When would urticaria (hives) and transplant rejection?
  3. Native immunity, Born with it
  4. release chemicals, tissue response
  5. an over-reaction against foreign antigens 4 types
    1. rapid hypersensitivity (humoral)
    2. cytotoxic/cytolytic reactions (humoral)
    3. immune-complex reactions (humoral)
    4. delayed hypersensitivity reactions (cellular)

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  1. Teletherapytherapy using radioactive sources that are placed inside the body


  2. NeupogenWhat med stimulates growth of WBC's?


  3. Type 4What type of reaction would contact dermatitis elicit?


  4. mast cell stimulating medsinhibit release of histamine


  5. Neutrophils and Macrophagesrelease chemicals, tissue response