Julius Caesar Act I


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The names of the two tribunes were
Flavious & Marullus
A tribune is a
A senatetor who protects the right of the lower class people
The reason that the tribunes did not like Julius Caesar was
They like Pompey & they think Caesar is arrogant
Julius Caesar defeated
The setting of Julius Caesar is
Rome 42 - 44 b.c
A play on words is called a
Give an example of this "play on words"
Cobbler means shoemaker, the play means screw-up
Julius Caesar's best friend is
Julius Caesar protégé is
Mark Antony
The superstition associated with the Feats of Lupercal is
If a woman is infertility and someone in the race touches her then she is able to have children
The name of the person who tries convince Julius Caesar's best friend to join him is
The noble Roman who speaks Greek
A cobbler is a
The name of the disease that the Romans called the falling sickness is
Julius Caesar is deaf in which ear?
Julius Caesar distrust who?
Cassius, because he things to much
Who wrote the play Julius Caesar?
William Shakespeare
Who told Caesar to "Beware the Ides of March"?
What is the Ides of March
March 15
What trick does Cassius intend to play on Brutus?
Leave notes around his house in different styles of handwriting praising Brutus & criticizing Caesar
Who offers Julius Caesar a crown 3 time?
Why dose Julius Caesar turn down the crown?
False modesty-----Reverse psychology
What does Brutus promise Cassius before he leaves him?
Think about what Cassius said and then meet tomorrow to talk more.
What metaphor does Cassius use when talking to Brutus?
He is as blind as a mirror and Cassius will tell Brutus how good he is