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Glossary terms for Unit 2

Active cell

a selected cell in a worksheet


describes how text is positioned between the left and right margins on a page - left, center, right, or justified


the intersection of a single row and a single column


a graphical representation of worksheet or table data


prepared pictures and other artwork you can insert into a document


a temporary storage area for text and/or graphics that are to be cut or copied and then pasted to another location


in a worksheet, columns run down the screen vertically and are identified by a letter across the top of the grid


to duplicate a selection, file, folder, etc., so that you can place it in another position or location


to trim a graphic


to remove text or graphics from a document, and place it on the clipboard


a collection of related information organized for rapid search and retrieval


a setting that is automatically used unless another option is chosen


remove the character from the right of the insertion point

Desktop Publishing

the process of using a computer to combine text and graphics to create an attractive document


a data file in a software application


to change an existing document


data entered into a cell


a single piece of information in a database

Field selector

a small box or bar that you click to select a column in a table in a database


the general shape and style of a set of characters


text and/or graphics appearing at the bottom of each page of a document


equations used to calculate values in a spreadsheet cell


items other than text including photos, clip art, and drawing objects

Grammar checker

checks each sentence in the document, and points out grammatical errors, such as subject and verb agreement, sentence fragments, sentence structure, sentence length, and punctuation.


nonprinting lines that display on the screen to show the boundary lines of a table


text and/or graphics appearing at the top of each page in a document


the shape the mouse pointer takes when it is positioned on text in a document

Mathematical functions

perform calculations that you could do using a scientific calculator


to combine multiple cells into a single cell, usually to create a title or informational text for the worksheet


determines whether your document will be lengthwise or crosswise on a sheet of paper

Overtype mode

in this mode, new text replaces existing characters


to place text or graphics from the clipboard into a document


slide shows created using special graphics application software that can be displayed on screen or projected using a projector attached to a computer


allows the document to be viewed in full page format to check the layout prior to printing


enables you to locate multiple records matching a specified criteria in a single action


a selected group of cells


a group of fields in a database


a database object that allows you to organize, summarize, and print all or a portion of the data in a database


in a worksheet rows across the screen horizontally and are identified by numbers at the left of the grid


to store a document file on a disk or other storage medium


to move (using scroll boxes or scroll arrows) through a list, a block of text, a document, or any display larger than the current window or screen

Sizing handles

small squares or circles surrounding a graphic or object, indicating that it is selected

Slide design

specifies a color scheme, text format, background, bullet style, and graphics for all the slides in a powerpoint presentation

Slide layout

the way text and objects are arranged on a presentation slide

Slide master

a template used to make uniform changes to slide characteristics such as background color, repeated graphics or text, font, and text color


the process of creating a list organized on a specific criterion

Spell checker

the process of checking the spelling of words in a document against a dictionary of known words and offering advice on how to make corrections


an organized table of financial or other numerical information


a file in a relational database management systems or information arranges in rows and columns so readers can easily understand the information


a file that contains formatting and text that you can customize to create a new document similar to, but slightly different from, the original


a feature in word processing software that allows you to quickly find alternative words or synonyms for a word in your document


use the same procedure to turn an option on or off


determine the changes in the display that occur as you move from one presentation slide to another


a single piece of numeric data used in the calculations of a worksheet


example normal view, print layout view, web layout view, reading layout view and outline view

Word Processing

software you use to prepare text documents such as letters, reports, flyers, brochures, and books

Word wrap

text automatically moves to the next line when it reaches the right margin


a collection of related worksheets


a grid of rows and columns containing numbers, text, and formulas

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