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  1. Simple Epithelial tissue
  2. Muscle
  3. Connective Tissue Proper, cartilage, bone, and blood
  4. Stratified Epithelial tissue
  5. Neuroglial cells
  1. a cannot be distinguished because cytoplasm is unstained in tissue prep; however, nuclei are visible as dots.
  2. b has several cells layers
  3. c Four general categories of connective tissue
  4. d three types of this kind of tissue; composed of muscle fibers.
  5. e has only one layer of cells

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  1. connective tissue with semisolid matrix; within matrix are fibers and chondrocytes.
  2. characterized by cube-shaped cells with a nucleus that is usually round and centrally located.
  3. consists of a hard matrix of calcium salts; the calcium salt makes it hard.
  4. characterized by fibers that have light and dark striping or cross-striations. Each fiber is multinucleated; nuclei are located of priphery of each fiber.
  5. numerous erythrocytes and few leukocytes present in matrix; some platelets scattered around.

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  1. Connective Tissuecharacterized by a fluid, semisolid, or solid matrix in which cells and fibers are embedded; four general catergories.


  2. Elastic Fibersappear pink.


  3. Cardiac muscle fibershave cross-striations and are branched; adjacent fibers are separated by dark-staining structures called intercalated disks; single nucleus in each cardiac muscle fiber.


  4. Bonenumerous erythrocytes and few leukocytes present in matrix; some platelets scattered around.


  5. Nervous tissuecontains ___cells that are closely packed; cells appear empty because fat was removed during tissue preparation. Cytoplasm and nucleus located at periphery of cell.