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  1. timed
  2. cried
  3. pie
  4. item
  5. rhyming
  1. a
    rhyming = words that have the same ending sound.
  2. b
    cried = you have already finished shedding tears when you felt sad, angry, or pain
  3. c
    item = when you are talking about a group of things but you are just not saying the names
  4. d
    timed = when you use a clock to tell how long something has been happening, like a race
  5. e
    pie = food (usually dessert) baked in pastry-lined pan, like lemon meringue pie

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  1. highest = to describe something that is taller than all other things that are like it

  2. why = a question word that asks you to explain the reason something happened

  3. shines = gives out a bright light (like the sun); to polish something and make it glossy

  4. frying = cooking food in oil or margarine in a pan

  5. lives = where a person exists and is alive

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  1. light
    light (to describe a thing) = to show that something doesn't weigh very much and is easy to lift


  2. light
    light (a thing) = a device for lighting a room, like a lamp


  3. fight
    fight = to argue intensely; a boxing match; or to exert yourself vigorously to try win a contest or advantage


  4. I'm
    I'm = a contraction of "I am"


  5. kindness
    ideas = something that you thought up in your mind