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Fiches crée par Dylan Fouarge

real estate

property in the form of land or buildings

estate agent

someone who works for an estate agency

the bigger the better

an expression for a big house

Cape Cod

a style's house with 1 or 2 flowers, a rooft construct a pont and a chemines on the middle of the place


a style's house, a large rectangular house with the windons rectangulars.The design of the house is symmetry.


for a house : not large in size or amount, or not expensive


a house that has only one storey (= level)


a small house , usually in the countryside

a step up from

an improvement over; one level better or higher than

mobile home

an inexpensive home that is built in a factory and has wheels so
that it can be pulled to where the owners will live, with pieces of wood or plastic
used to hide the wheels

to come into some money

to inherit; to receive money from someone when
that person dies


a home built in one of the styles that was popular in North America
before the United States became a country, usually with one or two floors and
with very steep (with a sharp angle) roofs

Greek revival

a home or other building that is similar to ancient Greek
architecture, with pillars (columns; vertical structures) in the front or all around
the building, like many U.S. government buildings


a type of home where the main floor where one walks into the home
is halfway between an upper floor, usually where the bedrooms are, and a lower
floor, usually where the family room or basement is


a long, rectangular home with only one floor and large windows, usually
with little architectural decoration inside or outside

the sky's the limit

a phrase used to show that there are no limits or controls,
so one can do whatever one wants, without paying attention to how much
something costs


doing or saying things to try to impress other people, especially
spending a lot of money to draw attention to oneself

deal with it

an informal, slightly rude phrase used to tell someone that he or
she must accept something or learn to tolerate it because it is not going to

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