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a low alluvial island or shoal in a river: sandbar


to talk profusely or idly


any of various small boats; a flat-bottomed rowboat


commodities appropriate for barter or for small trade; heterogeneous small articles often of little value


a dramatic monologue that represents a series of unspoken reflections


clothing: personal belongings


a lightweight umbrella used as a sunshade


a structure on the awning deck of a steamer that contains the officers' cabins and has the pilothouse in front or on top


a noisy disturbance or quarrel


a defined area on which armorial bearings are displayed and which usually consists of a shield


cotton cloth imported from India; a plain white cotton fabric that is heavier than muslin; any of various cheap cotton fabrics with figured patterns


A band or scarf worn around the neck


The name for a government of seven persons or an alliance of seven kingdoms, each with its own ruler


a small reed organ in which suction bellows draws air inward through the reeds


to assume a business risk in hope of gain; especially : to buy or sell in expectation of profiting from market fluctuations


A kind of hut used by some American Indian peoples in the eastern U.S.

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