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some of the vocabulary is in the middle of the sentence, shown by ______. If there is more than one vocab word in a sentence, write your first word, put ; then a space, then your next word


the transmission of traits from one generation to another is called inheritance, or ______


offspring differ somewhat in appearance from parents and siblings


______ is the scientific study of heredity and hereditary variation


parents give their offspring encoded information in the form of hereditary units called ______


a gene's specific location along the length of a chromosome is called the gene's _____

asexual reproduction

in _____ _________, a single individual is the sole parent and passes copies of all its genes to its offspring


an individual that reproduces asexually gives rise to a _____, a group of genetically identical individuals

sexual reproduction

in _______ _________, two parents give rise to offspring that have unique combos of genes inherited from the parents

life cycle

a ____ ______ is the genereation-to-generation sequence of stages in the reproductive history of an organism, from conception to production of its own offspring

somatic cell

in humans, each ____ ______ (any cell except gametes) has 46 chromosomes

sex chromosomes; autosomes

X and Y chromosomes are ___ _________. the other chromosomes are called _______

diploid cell

any cell with two chromosomes is called a _____ _____

haploid cells

gametes contain a single chromosome set; they are _____ ______


the union of gametes is called __________


the resulting fertilized egg, or ______, is diploid because it contains two haploid sets of chromosomes bearing genes representing the maternal and paternal family lines


the hypothetical situation of constantly increasing chromosome number is sexually reproducing organisms is avoided through the process of ________

alternation of generations

plants and osme species of algae exhibit a second type of life cycle called _______ __ _________


the multicellular diploid stage is called _________


meiosis in the sporophyte produces haploid cells called _________


a spore divides mitotically to generate a multicellular haploid stage called the __________

recombinant chromosomes

crossing over produces ________ __________, individual chromosomes that carry genes (DNA) derived from two different parents

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