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alluvial fan

a cone of debris at the mouth of a canyon


the lifting & removal of loose particles which can results in shallow depressions

desert pavement

a stony surface layer created by deflation


a mound of sand deposited by wind

glacial trough

a u-shaped valley that has been changed by a moving glacier


a thick mass of ice that forms over hundreds of thousands of years

ice age

time period when much of Earth was covered by glaciers

ice sheet

cover large regions where the climate is extremely cold


windblown silt that blankets an area


layers of till left by a melted glacier

playa lake

a dry flat bed resulting from an abundant rain


lowest elevation of an area that remains covered in snow all year.

stratified drift

sediment laid down by glacial meltwater


material that is deposited directly by a glacier

valley glacier

an ice mass that moves slowly down valleys

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