10 terms

Chapter 4

Our awareness of various mental processes, such as making decisions, daydreaming, reflecting and concentrating is called
All of the following result from sleep deprivation except
Sleep spindles appear during __ sleep
stage 2
Each of the following is a sleep disorder except
REM rebound
One of the main semantic problems with using sleepwalking as a defense for murder is
correct term for this type of behavior is REM behavior disorder
A sleep disorder that may require the use of a machine to force air gently into nasal passages is called
sleep apnea
The key to hynotic induction seems to be releated to
state of suggestibility
Russell needs more of the drug he has been using to get the normal high he got when he first started, he is experiencing
drug tolerance
Morphine and heroin duplicate the action of
Mescaline comes from
cactus buttons