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Structure of a Poem



-a single line of poetry


-verse(s) which repeat(s) through out a song or poem at given intervals


- a pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in lines of poetry

free verse

- poetry composed of either rhymed or un-rhymed lines that have set no meter


- a repeated end sound;
best nest

internal rhyme

- words that rhyme that are NOT at the end of the line

external rhyme

- words that rhyme that ARE at the end of a line

rhyme scheme

- pattern of rhymes in a poem . rhyme is usually referred to by letters representing the rhyming words
I saw a fairy in the wood. (a)
He was all dressed in green. (b)
He drew his sword while I just stood. (a)
And realized I'd been seen. (b)


- a section of lines that form a division in a poem


- a stanza or poem of four lines

Punctuation of Poems



- capitalize the first word of each line


- if a line is too long to fit on one line, indent the overflow and do not capitalize


- punctuate a poem the way you want the reader to read it

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