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  1. Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act
  2. Schedule 2
  3. Stimulant Drugs
  4. Non-Therapeutic Effect
  5. Fibrillation
  1. a Loss of heart's ability to beat normally.
  2. b Passed in 2005, cold medicine containing ephedrine/pseudo-ephedrine to be put behind the counter.
  3. c -High potential for abuse
    -Has current accepted medical use in the US with severe restrictions
    -Abuse may lead to severe restrictions
  4. d Cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines
  5. e Unintended effects, bad

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  1. -Very low potential for abuse
    -Prescriptions not always required
    -Has accepted medical use in the US
    -Least Dangerous
  2. Schedule 1, very dangerous and addictive, no medical use.
    Recreational uses: Activates opiate receptor in the brain, "Euphoric Rush"
  3. Gap between two neurons
  4. -High potential for abuse
    -No accepted medical use in US
    -Illegal to possess
  5. Methamphetamines, Inhalants

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  1. Schedule 4-High potential for abuse
    -No accepted medical use in US
    -Illegal to possess


  2. NeurotransmitterA chemical that is released by the axon to create a change


  3. Methamphetamine"Uppers/Speed". Schedule 2.
    Medical uses: Narcolepsy, Asthma, ADHD.
    Recreational uses: Study aids, weight loss, performance enhancer.


  4. Narcotics/Opiate DrugsPrescription Painkillers, Methadone, Heroin


  5. Controlled ReleaseDrugs are coated to provide pain relief over time