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  1. Serotonin
  2. Synapse
  3. Dendrite
  4. Rohypnol/GHB
  5. Controlled Release
  1. a "Date Rape". Schedule 1.
    Medical uses: Sleep aids in foreign countries
    Samantha Reid Date Rape Drug Act made these illegal in the U.S.
  2. b Receiving end of a neuron
  3. c Gap between two neurons
  4. d A neurotransmitter that improves mood an can be boosted by carb consumption
  5. e Drugs are coated to provide pain relief over time

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  1. Loss of heart's ability to beat normally.
  2. -Less abuse potential than schedules 1 and 2
    -Has accepted medical use in the US
    -Abuse may lead to moderate dependence
  3. Synthetic form of male testosterone. Improves physical performance, enlarge muscles, and increase strength.
  4. Prescription Painkillers, Methadone, Heroin
  5. -High potential for abuse
    -Has current accepted medical use in the US with severe restrictions
    -Abuse may lead to severe restrictions

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  1. Depressant Drugs"Downers", slows central nervous system. Gives feelings of relaxation.


  2. EndorphinsA neurotransmitter that causes euphoria and decreases pain


  3. AmnesiaDecrease in the oxygen supply in the blood stream


  4. DopamineA neurotransmitter that impacts pleasure and is released with cocaine use


  5. Recreational Use of AmphetaminesMade of household chemicals and poisons, often in labs. Has a more intense high than cocaine.