Week 3: Headache

Drug interaction and effect between acetaminophen and alcohol
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Drug interaction and effect between salicylates and NSAIDs with methotrexatedecreased methotrexate clearanceDrug interaction and effect between salicylates and sulfonulureasincrease risk of hypoglycemiaat what age does reye's syndrome usually occur?children 15 and youngerWho should not be given ASA to decrease risk of Reyes syndromeAspirin and other salicylates (including bismuth subsalicylate and nonaspirin salicylates) should be avoided in children and teenagers who have influenza or chickenpoxchoice of drug for kids 2 year and older for headache?acetaminophen or ibuprofechoice of drug for children 12 yo and upnaproxento avoid reye's syndrome in children what drug should we use?aspirin or aspirin-containing products children 15 and underchoice of drug for older adultsacetaminophen to avoid GI toxicitychoice of drug for pregnant womenacetaminophenchoice of drug for lactating women2.4 g of ibuprofen / day naproxenWhat drug(s) should patients avoid in last trimester of pregnancy and why?aspirin