characteristics of greek tragedy

tragic hero
at the center of a tragedy is its hero, the main character, or protagonist. The tragic hero is a person of high rank who accepts his or her downfall with dignity
tragic flaw
an error in judgement or a weakness in character such as pride or arrogance (helps bring about the hero's downfall)
a tragedy ends with a catastrophe, a disastrous conclusion that usually involves multiple deaths. if the tragic hero does not die, then he/ or she suffers complete ruin
throughout a tragedy a chorus, a mass group of actors, observe and comment on the action through song.
Central Belief: fate
the ancient Greeks believed in the idea of fate or a destiny preordained by the Gods no matter what action a person takes in the present. the fates or Moirai, were three Goddess who determined the length of a person's life and how much suffering it would contain.