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  1. Kaaba
  2. Fertile Crescent
  3. Bedouin
  4. Sahal
  5. Strait of Hormuz
  1. a a small stone building in the center of Mecca
  2. b a type of Nomad that lives on the Arabian Peninsula
  3. c region on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert
  4. d narrow body of water that connects the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea
  5. e area between the Tigris and Euphrates River

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  1. organization that controls the price and production of oil
  2. where Muslims worship
  3. when people move into cities
  4. large stone temples made out of clay bricks
  5. the holiest city in the religion of Islam

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  1. Suez Canalhuman-made waterway that connects the Red Sea and the Mediteranean Sea


  2. Bosporuswhere Muslims worship


  3. Nomada dry riverbed


  4. minareta tower attached to mosques


  5. Haajreligions pilgrimage to Mecca