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the scientific study of behavior and mental processes


a study method incorporating five steps: survey, question, read, recite, review


a study method incorporating six steps: survey, question, read, recite, review, and wRite

study method that is best for how to learn from textbooks/handouts

SQ3R and SQ4R


a mental representation of the world

fish hook

fish get caught because they get hungry. they see/sense/smell the bait. (example is the fish is the student, the hook is the teacher, and the bait is the grade of "A")


your carrot equals you wants. (we each have carrots in our lives that motivate us)


healthy appropriate constructive


unhealthy inappropriate destructive


attitude behavior consequences

Likert Scale

a measure of attitudes designed to allow respondents to rate how strongly they agree or disagree with carefully constructed statements, ranging from very positive to very negative attitudes toward some object
(scale of 1-10)

what part of the likert scale is the CZ

low (at peace, relaxed, calm)

what part of the likert scale is the UCZ

high (uncomfortable, upset, anxious, angry)

johari window

A model of mutual understanding that encourages disclosure and feedback to increase our own open area and reduce the blind, hidden, and unknown areas.

johari window quad 1

I see/know, you see/know

johari window quad 2

I see/know, you dont see/know

johari window quad 3

I dont see/know, you do see/know

johari window quad 4

subconscious, unconscious

the "goal" of the johari window

to have all information reached to quad 1. this is the transparency of sharing information

Why would we use the UCZ,CZ? What would we achieve from this?

for stretching and growing.

what does the ABC affect?

ABC (attitude, behavior, consequences) affect if you will have HAC (healthy appropriate constructive) or if you will have UID (unhealthy inappropriate destructive).

irony of jail

everyone makes their own jail. what they can and cannot do.

why do most ppl say they are in jail

b/c they got caught

A t/o V

Attention through vision. When ppl dream during the day they act out their dreams to make them real.

What is our most important commodity? why?

time is because it is something we can never get back.

life is...

10% of what happens to you, 90% how you react to it

commission means that you...

do say think


dont do dont say dont think

we are self accountable through

commission and omission

"not to decide, is to decide." what is the POV saying?

every nondecision is still a decision

"only thing" better than sex

intimacy. (a feeling of belonging. a warm friendship/relationship)

the mind deals in forms of what


as humans, we live in our?


what is the brain/mind always doing?


"The mind is its own place. In itself, it can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell." What is this refering to?

Attitude (quote by john milton)

critical thinking represents a new way to think about what? what does it give us a new vision for?

learning-behavior. emotions-our lives. teaching-educating. (a vision!)

make the thinking the object of what? what is the result?

your thoughts; improve your thinking

Critical thinking is the self command of theory. What are the two aspects of the self command of theory?

alive in the mind and the continual engagement in everyday life.

what does critical thinking require?

developing a special level of awareness, and special skills of self-assessment

what three things must energize and drive us to greater and greater levels of self command

contextualization of theory, self analysis, inner experiences of figuring ourselves out.

what must thinking be aware of?

its feelings and desires

if you want to change a behavior or feeling what must you change first?

the thinking that is underlying the behavior or feeling.

what are the EIGHT elements of reasoning?

POV (frame of reference, perspectice, and orientation)
Information (data, facts, obervations, experiences)
Concepts (theories, definitions, laws, models, etc)
Assumptions (presupposition, taking for granted)

purpose of thinking (goal, objective)
Question at issue (problem)
Interpretation&Inference (conclusions, solutions)
Implications and Consequences

With sensitivity to universal intellectual standards

clear->accurate, precise, relevant->deep->breadth

meaning of breadth

do we need to consider another view? What would this look like from the point of view of a...

20, 40, 60, 80

we remember...
20 of what we read
40 of what we hear
60 of what we see
80 of what we do

define critical thinking

the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it

all reasoning is based on what

assumptions & data, info, evidence

all reasoning is done from some...


figure something out

all reasoning is an attempt to...

in all of our reasoning...what must we draw our conclusions from?


all reasoning leads somewhere or has...


the problem of egocentric thinking

ppl do not naturally consider the rights and needs of others. or their pov

before and after of Sample Client

before- family issues, enuresis, anxiety, lying, stealing, failing, etc.
after- master's in pyschology, marine corps captain, sexual offender therapist, university professor, father of 4 kids, etc.

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