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Health Promotion Exam 2


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Digestion time in the stomach?
2-6 hours
What is Intrinsic Factor?
It is secreted in the stomach, and is helps to absorb vitamin B12
Digestion time in the small intestine?
5 hours
Digestion in the large intestine?
9-16 hours
What does the large intestine absorb?
Water and absorption - B Vitamins
What are essential nutrients?
Required for normal body functioning that can not be synthesized by the body
What are known essential nutrients?
Carbohydrate calorie/gram?
Proteins calorie/gram?
Lipids(fats) calorie/gram?
Alcohol calorie/gram?
What are 3 Monosaccharides?
What are 3 Disaccharides?
What are 2 Polysaccharides?
Daily intake for carbohydrates?
130 g/d
What should be consumed for intestinal motility?
Insoluble Fiber
What is soluble fiber?
Attracts water and forms a gel, slows down digestion
How does soluble fiber affect cholesterol?
Lowers LDL by interfering with absorption of cholesterol
Function of phospholipids?
Lecithin: forms cell membranes and emulsifies fats and cholesterol
What is anabolism?
Tissue healing and repair
Function of lipoproteins?
Carrier/transporter of lipids
What is sterols?
Modified steroid-bile
Function of Cholesterol?
Hormone building blocks
What are examples of saturated fats?
What is the make up of transfat?
Adding a hydrogen molecule to unsaturated fat
Normal range of fat intake?
40-97 grams
How many mg a dose of calcium at a time?
500 mg
How much calcium a day for 19-50 year olds?
1000 mg/day
What does Vitamin D help with absorbing?
Helps with calcium absorption
Where is phosphorus found?
Bone and teeth
How much Phosphorus needed in a day?
700 mg/day
What can excess phosphorus lead to?
Calcium excretion
What does magnesium help with in the body?
Blood clotting/immune system/nerve function/calcium absorption
How much Magnesium is needed a day?
320-420 mg/day
What does potassium help with?
nerve and muscle function, blood pressure maintenance
How much potassium is needed a day?
4700 mg/day
How much sodium is needed a day?
1500-2400 mg/day
What are water soluble vitamins that need to be replenished everyday?
Vitamin B complex and vitamin C
What is the function of B 1?
Energy metabolism and muscle nerve action
What is the function of B 3?
Energy metabolism
What is the function of B 6?
Hemoglobin synthesis
What is the function of B 12?
Transports and stores folate needed for heme and cell formation
What is the function of Vitamin K?
Blood clotting and protein formation
Vitamin D deficient disease?
Vitamin C deficient disease?
Poor wound healing; scurvy
Vitamin K deficient disease?
Bleeding tendencies
How much potassium is needed a day?
4700 mg/day
What is Kwashiorkor malnutrition?
Lack of sufficient protein
What is Marasmus malnutrition?
Lack of sufficient nutrition intake
Test Accuracy: Reliability
Test results are reproducible
Test Accuracy: Valid
Tests are able to correctly distinguish between diseased and non-diseased
Test Accuracy: Sensitivity
Tests ability to identify positive results
Test Accuracy: Specificity
Tests ability to identify negative results
What is Blooms Taxonomy?
Levels of Learning
Which of the 3 domains of Blooms Taxonomy is the hardest to teach and why?
Affective; it requires a change
What is Emulsify?
Soluble in water and fat