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Appleton and Lange Practice CST Certification

Practice Exam
In an inguinal herniorrhaphy the spermatic cord is
Retracted with a penrose drain.
Polyglycolic acid sutures are
Absorbed by the process of hydrolysis.
The pounds of pressure necessary in a flash steam sterilizer set at 270 degrees is
A patient is having elective surgery. The nurse notes that her white cell count is 14,000 cu mm. This would indicate
There may be an inflammation or infection present.
Distal refers to
Away from the body.
Meckel's diverticulum is found in the
In which case would a Frazier suction be used?
Airborne contamination is reduced by recirculation of filtered outside air at a rate of
25 air exchanges per hour.
The purpose of OSHA is to
Enssure safe and healthful working conditions.
Body heat in pediatric patients is controlled with all of the following EXCEPT
Hot water bottles.
If a family is contacted but cannot come in to sign a permission for emergency surgery paper, the surgeon should
Accept permission by phone, telegram, or in written communication.
Unwrapped instruments are sterilized at 270F (132C) for a minimum of
3 minutes
A retention suture passes through all of the following EXCEPT
Mesentery tissue.
A hernia that passes through the inguinal ring into the inguinal canal is termed
Dead space is the space
Caused by separation of wound edges that have not been closely approximated.
Wrapped tubing can be sterilized at 250F for a minimum of
30 minutes
Funnel chest is also known as
Pectus excavatum.
Which term denotes low or decreased blood volume?
Injection of contrast media into the brachial, carotid, or vertebral artery to study the intracranial vessels is called
Instruments and other items sterilized together in the flash autoclave require
10 minutes and 270F
Suture material that becomes encapsulated with fibrous tissue during the healing process is
Nonabsorbable suture.
A right hemicolectomy is performed to remove the pathology of the
Ascending and transverse colon
lacryo refers to
Lacrimal gland
When transporting a patient, drainage systems should be placed
Below stretcher level
The maximum size of a linen pack must not exceed
12 x 12 x 20inches
Another name for a stay suture is a(n)
Retention suture
Which two anatomic structures are ligated and divided to effect a cholecystectomy?
Cystic duct, cystic artery
Adeno means
When the patient is being transfered from the OR table after surgery, the action should be
Gentle and slow in order to prevent circulatory depression.
In steam sterilization, the function of pressure is to
Increase the temperature of the steam.
Which suture materials are NOT generally used in the presence of infection?
Radical surgery done for lower sigmoid or rectal malignancy is a(n)
Abdominal perineal resection.
The term for fluid or water in the ventricles of the brain is
The patient may be left on the transport stretcher unattended
Under NO circumstances.
212 degrees F is equivalent to
100 degrees Celsius.
An anti-inflammatory drug whose effect is useful in reversing early rejection of organ transplants is
A congenital abnormality of the musculature between the stomach and the duodenum is called
Pyloric stenosis
A fossa is a
Basin-like depression
A procedure performed to treat myasthenia gravis is a(n)
The purpose of lidocaine installation during a tracheotomy is to
Decrease coughing
A procedure that is done to give the bowel a rest when there is advanced inflammation is
Temporary colostomy
A forcep used to grasp lung tissue is a(n)
Heat-sensitive items that can be completely immersed can be processed via ____________ in 30 minutes.
The maximum recommended dosage of local anestetic drug per hour is
50mL of 1% solution
Ischemia can be defined as
Deficient blood supply to a part.
The person transporting the patient on a stretcher should
Push the stretcher from the head.
Activated glutaraldehyde
Can be reused.
A Weitlaner is a
Which part of the pancreas is the most common site of malignant tumors?
The head
The purpose of the two-way stopcock on a Verres needle is
To control the gas flow.
An abnormal communication between two parts occuring in the anorectal area is called
Fistula in ano
Burn removal of tissue down to fascia where all superficial layers are denuded is called
The method of sterilization used for liquids is
Slow exhaust
Medullary canal reamers are used to insert
Kuntschner nails
A protrusion of fat through an abdominal wall defect between the xiphoid process and umbilicus is a(n)
Epigastric hernia
The position frequently utilized in thyroid and gallbladder surgery is
Reverse trendelenburg
What part of the cell is destroyed in steam sterilization?
Cell protein
Which scope has a trocar?
Laminar air flow provides
Ultraclean air, Controlled filter, dilution, and distribution of air, and undirectional positive-pressure stream of air.
A rotator cuff tear would occur in the
Which position would be chosen for a pneumonectomy?
When preparing tubing or any item with a lumen for gas sterilization
The lumen should be blown out with air to force-dry before packaging.
A rib raspatory is a
A right-angled gallbladder forcep is a
A self-retaining mouth gag is a
The maximum storage life for a muslin wrapped item on open shelving is
30 days
How are the legs placed in the lateral position?
The lower leg is flexed with the upper leg straight.
When changing a glove during and operation
Open-glove technique is used or another team member assist in regloving.
Which is not true about OR ventilation
Humidity is kept at 20-30%.
How many thoracic vertebrae are there?
When moving a patient from lithotomy position
Lower legs together slowly.
If a sterile muslin package drops to the floor
it may never be used.
A tonsil suction is a
The most susceptible organ to laser injury is the
The principle hazard encountered in spenectomy is
When assisting with a cast application one must
Handle cast with flat open hands.
The most common postoperative complication of orthopedic surgery is
Which is an acceptable means of pouring a sterile solution onto a sterile field?
Scrub nurse holds a receptacle away from the table as the circulator pours or the scrub nurse sets the receptacle near the edge of a waterproof-draped table
Which nerve is affected by pressure on the lower leg or knee?
What advantage is phacoemulsification for cataract removal?
Shortened convalescence and it employs a small incision.
The structure that covers the entrance of the larynx when one swallows, thus preventing food from entering the airway (trachea) is called
Physiologic salt solution used intravenously when the body needs additional sodium, calcium, and potassium is
Ringer's lactate
In the lateral chest position, a sandbag or padding is placed under the chest at axillary level to
Prevent pressure on the lower arm.
A viscous jelly used to occupy space, thus preventing damage, in anterior segment surgery of the eye is
Which is used over an incision following pediatric surgery?
An agent used for epidural, spinal, or local providing good relaxation is
The instrument used to measure the depth of uterus during a dilation and curettage is a
Uterine sound
Vagotomy is performed for peptic ulcer disease to
Decrease secretion of gastric acid
Before surgery, elastic bandages or special stockings are sometimes applied to the lower extremities to
Prevent venous stasis
Surgical masks should be changed
After each case
Why would benzoin be applied to the skin before dressing application?
To increase adhesiveness
Closing the internal os of an incompetent cervix with a ligature of tape is called
Pneumoperitoneum is effected by instilling gas into the peritoneal cavity by way of a
Verres needle
In addition to providing bladder drainage following a suprapubic prostatectomy, a Foley catheter
Exerts pressure to obtain hemostasis.
Electrical connection of the patient to the conductive floor is assured by
a conductive strap in direct contact with the patient's skin, with one end of the strap fastened to the OR table metal frame.
Safety during use of the defibrillator includes
maintaining contact with OR table and the patient.
A drug that may be used as an IV flush or as a flush for a blood vessel lumen is
Nipple reconstruction can be enhanced by the use of a(n)
Where are the adrenal glands located?
Above the kidneys
Which is not a contradiction to vaginal hysterectomy?
Presence of a cystocele.
Instruments used to close the vaginal vault in an abdominal hysterectomy must be
Considered contaminated after use.
The addition of adrenalin to a local ansethetic provides
Vasoconstriction, prolonged anesthesia, decreased bleeding
During laser surgery, which policy doesn't have to be adhered to
Prescription glasses are approved protection mechanisms.
There are ______ parathyroids.
A constant closed suction that utilizes a plastic container serving as both a suction and a receptacle for blood is a
The sphincter at the junction of the small and large intestine is the
Ileocecal sphincter
Which hepatitis poses a threat to health care workers?
A dye used in gynecology to test tubal patency is
Methylene blue
Which stage of wound healing takes place when there is tissue loss with an inability to approximate wound edge?
Second (granulation)
An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tunica vaginalis is refered to as a
Periosteum is lifted from the surface of the bone with a(n)
Repair of a cranial defect is surgically represented by the term
For surgery on a known AIDS patient, all of the following precautions should be followed EXCEPT
Needles resheathed
Healthcare workers who are potentially exposed to blood, can be vaccinated to prevent____________.
hepatitis B virus (HBV)
An alternative indwelling urinary drainage system diverting urine away from the urethra is a ________.
suprapubic cystostomy catherization
A common radiopaque contrast medium used in the OR is ______________.
What is the purpose of a chest tube and waterseal drainage?
Evacuate fluid and air.
Extreme flexion of the thighs in the lithotomy position impairs
respiratory function
A femoral-popliteal bypass is scheduled. Which self retaining retractor would be used to facilitate exploration of the femoral artery?
A double-bowl-shaped glass evacuator used to irrigate the bladder during transurethral surgery is called a(n)
An approach to infection control designed to prevent transmission of blood-borne diseases in health care settings is called ____________.
universal precautions
An elevated PSA test could be indicative of cancer of the
lymph nodes
In which intention of healing is there a wide, fibrous scar?
Which Gram-positive bacteria can cause abscesses?
Staphylococcus aureus
Mannitol is a(n)
Osmotic diuretic
The organism causing hepatitis B is a
An example of an anti-inflammatory is
Hemorrhage is suspected if
the blood pressure drops and the pulse rate rises
How many feet above the ground is considered safe for electrical outlets and fixtures that are not explosion proof?
Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the
Documenting, tracking, and registering are mandated for
When the foreskin of the penis cannot be retracted over the glans it is called
The burn characterized by blister formation, pain, and a moist and mottled red appearance is
Microorganisms that grow in the absence of oxygen are
The islets of Langerhans are located in the
The master gland is the
A condition that can occur as a result of gross bone contamination or improper surgical technique is
Oxytocics are used to
contract the uterus
Which of the following instruments would be used to retract the bladder walls during a suprapubic prostatectomy?
Maintenance of bony exposure during a lumbar laminectomy is effected by the use of a
A common abdominal complication caused by previous abdominal or pelvic surgery is
Which of the following shunts would be used surgically to correct hydrocephalus?
A spinal fusion is usually effected by autogenous grafts taken from the patient's
A complication of orthopedic surgery is
thromboembolism, fat embolism and infection
Nonunion of bone can be treated with
Artificially applied electric current
The word which best describes "staging" is
categorization and series
Nosocomial infection refers to
hospital-acquired infection
During a CPR effort in the OR, the scrub nurse
remains sterile and keeps tables sterile
The edge of a wrapper that encloses sterile contents are considered
A ureteral stent catheter is used to
provide long-term drainage in ureteral obstruction
Uterotubal insufflation is a
Rubin's test
An infants average at rest heart rate is __________ beats per minute.
What instrument is not found in a vaginal procedure?
Harrington retractor
The operation to correct prolapse of the anterior vaginal walls is
Which nasal sinus can be approached only through an external eyebrow incision?
Which sinus is surgically opened in a Caldwell Luc procedure?
Which of the following pieces of hardware will be used in an intramedullary fixation of a fracture of an adult femoral shaft?
Kuntschner nail
The second cranial nerve is the
The normal body temperature in centigrade measurement is
What is the purpose of doing ABGs intraoperatively?
to assess arterial gases
Which tube is used for gastrointestinal decompression?
A tissue expander would be used for
breast reconstruction
Continuous irrigation of the bladder is necessary during cystoscopy to
Distend the bladder walls for visualization
The excision and removal of diseased and necrotic tissue is termed
The excision of loose skin and periorbital fat of the eyelids is called
A fleshy encroachment onto the cornea is called
Mandibular fractures are treated by occlusion of the teeth effected by the use of a(n)
arch bar
Which procedure would require the following instruments: freer elevator, osteotome, Asch forcep, Ballinger swivel knife, caliper?
Lacrimal probes are called
The eardrum is also known as the
Tympanic membrane
Which of the following appliances can be used for intramedullary fixation of a femur; Smith-Peterson, Neufeld, Jewett or Sampson?
Bradycardia is
Heartbeat less than 60 beats per minute
If a needle punctures a sterile team member's glove...
Discard the needle and change the glove
A Tenckhoff catheter is placed into
Peritoneal cavity
The needle used for a liver biopsy is
_________ doesn't treat glaucoma.
An instrument used to incise the eardrum to relieve pressure is called a
myringotomy knife
In which surgical specialty would a perfusionist be necessary?
cardiac surgery
The prefered method of gloving is ______. In changing during a case, this method ______ be used.
closed; cannot
When a patient goes into hypovolemic shock in the OR, an immediate response would be
Restore fluid volume quickly
In which surgical wound classification would an appendectomy for ruptured appendix fall?
The malleus, incus, and stapes are located in the
Middle ear
Protective goggles are worn during CO2 laser surgery to
Prevent corneal damage
When gloving a surgeon
Keep the palm of the glove facing the surgeon
After hip joint surgery, immobilization is aided by the use of
Abduction pillow
The blue-green wavelength produced by a laser that is capable of treating retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, and macular neovascular lesion is
If the patient has a positive breast biopsy, and the surgeon proceeds to do a radical mastectomy
The patient is reprepped, and new drapes and instruments are used
At which artery is the blood pressure taken
The action of white blood cells is to
Destroy bacteria
The function of the endocrine glands is to?
Produce hormones
Oxygenated blood is returned to the left atrium of the heart from the lungs via the______
Pulmonary vein
Bile is manufactured in the ______ and stored in the_______.
liver; gallbladder
Entrapment of the _______ nerve is relieved by a carpal tunnel release.
When intraoperative cultures are obtained, which of the following is NOT true?
Tip of swab is placed on back table.
During vascular surgery, an arteriotomy is executed with a #11 blade and extended by use of a
Dehiscence is
separation of layers of surgical wound
The first part of the small intestine is known as the
What organisms are likely to be found in a surgical wound adjacent to a colostomy?
Escherichia coli
During a CPR effort, which drug is given to combat metabolic acidosis?
Sodium bicarbonate
When inserting a Foley catheter, always
check integrity of the balloon by inflating it with the correct amount of sterile water prior to insertion.
The proper setting for a tourniquet applied to the thigh is about
350 mm Hg
Crushing a urinary calculus in the bladder through the urethra is called
The surgical procedure performed electively as a permanent method of sterilization is
When doing a skin prep, which includes a draining sinus, the contaminated area is
done last or separately
The portion of the stomach located at the approach to the small intestine is the
A commonly used diuretic is
The normal bladder capacity is
Rectal surgery preparation is done
Surrounding area first, anus last
When changing a gown during a case, the _______ is (are) removed first, the _______ second, and a rescrub is ________.
gown; gloves; not neccessary
Which piece of equipment is used to make a skin graft larger?
mesh dermatome
The item that provides internal drainage of an obstructed ureter is a(n)
A way to alleviate a presurgical patient's anxiety is via
preoperative visit
The kidneys are held in place by the
Renal fascia and fat
A culture and sensitivity is done to
determine nature of organism and the susceptibility of that organism
What is considered the most effective agent for scrubbing?
What would NOT be on the setup for an open thoracotomy?
Joseph's saw
Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) would be utilized for
urinary calculi
During a basic femoral head fixation, the length and position of the implant is determined by the use of
guide wire
Which of the following grafts is not a synthetic vascular graft?
biologic vascular
Fingerlike projections at the end of the Fallopian tubes are called
What isn't true of self-adhering plastic incision drapes?
scrubbed areas must be moist at application
An abnormal deposition of collagen that occurs during the healing process is known as
What is true during a deep vaginal procedure?
count is eliminated
The gas introduced into the peritoneum during laparoscopy to create a pneumoperitoneum is
carbon dioxide
Crutchfield tongs produce skeletal traction to reduce fractures of the
cervical spine
Which disease could be transmitted via a blood transfussion?
Hepatitis B
Staphylococcus is usually transmitted by
upper respiratory tract
A bacteria with a thick coat that protects it from temperature extremes or strong chemicals is a
When a three-way Foley catheter is used, the third lumen is for
continuous irrigation
If a towel clip must be removed during a procedure
discard it from the field and cover the area with another sterile drape
Constant monitoring of cardiac function, a requirement for vascular surgery is effected by the use of a
What procedure is accomplished to relieve myasthenia gravis?
Which specimen would be placed in formalin?
A legal wrong committed by one person involving injury to another person is called a(n)
Scoliosis is surgically treated by the implantation of
Harrington rods
An intravenous agent used for anesthesia induction is
sodium pentothal
A prosthetic implant that requires nonadherence to tissue for the sake of creating normal flexion and extension is
Unauthorized discussion of a patient's surgery outside of the OR constitutes a lawsuit for
invasion of privacy
When applying a sterile sheet on the patient
protect the gloved hands by cuffing the end of the sheet over them
A chronic granulomatous inflammation of a meibomian gland in the eyelid is a(n)
A drug given preoperatively that enables the liver to produce clotting factors in blood is
Vitamin K
When is bowel technique necessary?
When a contaminated area of the intestinal tract is entered
A slowly progressive contracture of the palmer fascia is called
Dupuytren's contracture
If rubber suction tubing is to be reused
The lumen must be flushed with a detergent-disinfectant before tubing is terminally sterilized
Who is responsible for the final count when reliefs have taken place during the case?
scrub person and circulator who do final count
What is a contraindication to intraocular lens (IOL) implant?
children with congenital cataracts
Neo-Synephrine is
The legal doctrine res ispa loquitor applies to
injuries sustained by the patient in the OR due to negligence
After a case in completed, the sterile team members
discard gown, gloves, caps, masks, and shoe covers before leaving OR suite
Pilocarpine is used to
constrict the pupil