2.02 Career Management Vocats Review


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Working Conditions
When evaluating a specific career, consider:
Employment Forecasters predict greater than average job growth in:
A trusted advisor might be called a/an:
Arts, Audiovisual Technology and Communications
A TV Announcer is a job in which career cluster?
Brick Masonry
Which job requires physical strength?
Free Enterprise System
Private Ownership, profit motive, competition, and freedom of choice are characteristics of a:
An example of a job from the Public Services career cluster is a/an:
A Career Outlook
Researching a career to find out whether jobs will be available in that field in the future can help determine:
Employee telecommuting
Jobs in the future will increasingly involve more:
Labor Market Information
Government resources are used to develop statistics reflecting state and regional occupational data also known as:
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Which US Department of Education Career Cluster provides basis human needs?
Excellence in skills and personal qualities
The workplace of today must be dedicated to:
A North Carolina resource for career information is:
The Cost of Living
A factor that workers should consider as they make geographic moves is:
Increased use of technology
Which is true of the current workplace?
Which of the following would NOT have been a concern for workers in the 1950's?
Health Science
The US Department of Education Career Clusters include:
Collecting as much information as possible about the business opportunity
Which factor(s) might most positively influence the success of an entrepreneur?
Any money or equipment invested in running a business is preferred to as:
Friend's Choice of Career
Which is NOT a factor to consider in evaluating career options?
Which of the following would NOT be considered a valuable library research source?
Talk to Friends and Family about their Job
One way to research careers informally is to:
Speaking and using the ideas or writings of another as one's own
Plagiarism is:
Learning to adapt to the environment
Making a career choice to work out-of-doors will mean:
Scientific Research/Engineering
Careers in which career clusters are highly technical and require firm backgrounds in math and science?
Careers considered non-traditional for men include careers in:
A person who runs a business and is self-employed is called a/an:
A group of jobs that are similar to one another
A Career Cluster is:
Transferable Skills
Work habits and attitudes required in all jobs are:
Being innovative
A key quality of success for an entrepreneur is:
A continuation of learning as skills needed on a job change
Lifelong Learning is:
Community College
Labor market trends for the 21st century predict that the greatest number of workers will need to have which level of education?
Nontraditional Occupations
Occupations in which either gender comprises 25 percent or less of the workforce are:
Work Environment
A person with a lawn-mowing business has an outdoor:
Which career is in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Technologies career cluster?
Being taught by a nontraditional teacher
What might help students choose a non-traditional class?
Service Occupations
An increase in the number of dual income families has created an increase in the area of:
Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature is:
Transferable Skills
When the skills learned and used to do one job are used on another job, they are known as:
Has eliminated some jobs in the United States and created others
How has the global economy affected employees in the United States?
About 20%
Of the jobs in the 21st century, what percent will require technical skills acquired at the bachelor's level or above?
Continue to learn new skills
In today's workplace, workers typically:
Trade and professional journals
The latest trends in a trade or profession can be found in:
Reliable Resources
When a student is identifying people and resources to assist with career plans, the following should be considered:
Retail Sales
Women make up more than half of the workforce in which industry?
Willingness to learn
A factor which may lead to success in the workplace is:
Helping them explore their career interests
A School Counselor or Career Development Coordinator (CDC) can assist students in their career planning by:
Flexibility and Compromise
Relocating for a new job requires:
College information specific to North Carolina can be accessed at which Internet site?
Advantageous to workers
Transferable skills in today's workplace are:
Be a lifelong learner
To prepare for changes in the workplace, it is BEST to:
NC Careers
Which North Carolina resource will help you match your interests with possible occupations?