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  1. state government
  2. 20
  3. convention of comprise
  4. 26
  5. pure democracy
  1. a lame duck period reduced
  2. b citizens assemble and administer the govt. in person
  3. c what level of gov. held the most authority under the AOC?
  4. d convention held after the annapolism convention
  5. e right to vote at 18

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  1. each branch must have as ... imput as possible in appointing members of the other branches
  2. governor of viriginia that didn't sign the constitution
  3. power to the states/ federalism
  4. representation of the slaves in the south
  5. right to attorney, fair trial

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  1. federalsima govt. administered by representatives of the people- promises the cure we are seeking


  2. the stateshenry believed that the ... govts offered the chief protection for personal liberties


  3. separation of powersgovt. power is divided into 3 equal parts to handle the 3 facets of governing


  4. 23right to vote at 18


  5. amendmentswhat type of amo can fuel a faction?