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  1. William Paterson
  2. 23
  3. population
  4. little
  5. August 6, 1787
  1. a each branch must have as ... imput as possible in appointing members of the other branches
  2. b this is the date that the convention accepted the first draft of the constitution
  3. c electors for D.C.
  4. d the constitution called for wanting a .... based government
  5. e delegate of NJ who proposed the NJ plan

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  1. ends slavery
  2. 85 essays wrote by hamilton, madison, and Jay about the need for a strong central government
  3. jury in civil cases
  4. henry believed that the ... govts offered the chief protection for personal liberties
  5. splits ballot for presidency

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  1. separation of powersconvention held after the annapolism convention


  2. populationgroup acts against community interest


  3. 9women suffrage


  4. state governmentgovt. can only do what people authorize


  5. 19direct election of senators