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  1. factions
  2. debts, supremacy, oaths
  3. pure democracy
  4. federalist papers
  5. separation of powers
  1. a article 6
  2. b 85 essays wrote by hamilton, madison, and Jay about the need for a strong central government
  3. c what conditions have historically plagued popular governments
  4. d govt. power is divided into 3 equal parts to handle the 3 facets of governing
  5. e citizens assemble and administer the govt. in person

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  1. presidential disability
  2. ... amount of delegates were appointed to the convention, of which ... actually attended sessions
  3. persuasive info
  4. V plan demanded that voting in Congress be according to ....
  5. jury in civil cases

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  1. 19women suffrage


  2. september 17th, 1787proposed ... amendments, .... were approved


  3. republica govt. administered by representatives of the people- promises the cure we are seeking


  4. populationgroup acts against community interest


  5. 17splits ballot for presidency