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  1. 8
  2. property
  3. remove causes, control effect
  4. feds vs. anti feds
  5. 21
  1. a prohibition repealed
  2. b cures for factions
  3. c what 2 groups were born out of the divison over the philosophy of gov. power?
  4. d the most common source of factions is the unequal distribution of ....
  5. e no cruel and unusual punishment

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  1. article 6
  2. freedom of religion, speech, press, petition
  3. governor of viriginia that didn't sign the constitution
  4. division of govt. between a central and state govts.
  5. no quartering of soldiers

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  1. 2right to attorney, fair trial


  2. 5right to bear arms


  3. judicial brancharticle 3


  4. Gouverneur Morristhis man helped write the preamble and the NY state const.


  5. compoud republiccitizens assemble and administer the govt. in person