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  1. 26
  2. debts, supremacy, oaths
  3. appoint, elect
  4. rhode island
  5. 13
  1. a ... .... was the only state that refused to send delegates
  2. b right to vote at 18
  3. c the 1st steop towards the separation of powers is finding a way to ... or ... people to each branch
  4. d ends slavery
  5. e article 6

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  1. group acts against community interest
  2. judicial branch's power to declare actions of gov. unconstitutional
  3. what 2 groups were born out of the divison over the philosophy of gov. power?
  4. the most common source of factions is the unequal distribution of ....
  5. prohibition repealed

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  1. 12, 10limits on suing state


  2. may 25th, 1787what day was a convention held to revise the AOC?


  3. propagandaa govt. administered by representatives of the people- promises the cure we are seeking


  4. 17ends slavery


  5. federalsimwhat conditions have historically plagued popular governments