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World War II - Study Guide - Part 2 People

Franklin D. Roosevelt

was the President during WWII.

Harry S. Truman

was the Vice-President under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Winston Churchhill

was the British Prime Minister.

Joseph Stalin

was the Russion dictator.

Adolf Hitler

was the Nazi Fascist leader of Germany.

Benito Mullolini

was the Fascist leader of Italy.

Hideki Tojo

was the military leader of Japan

Douglas MacArthur

was the Allied Commander in the Pacific War against Japan

Dwight D. Eisenhower

was the Allied Commander of the Normandy Invastion; across the English Channel from Great Britian; D-Day operation overlaid, June 6 1944.


Womens armed service groups

Tuskeegee Airmen

1st Black fighter pilots

Rosie the Rivetor

encouraged women to go to work in factories.


code talkers

Erwin Rommel

a German general know was known for his success in desert warfare.

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