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  1. morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl
  2. True
  3. hepatic metabolism
  4. spinal trauma
  5. Administer analgesics IM and then go IV when you can finally get a vein

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  1. Why aren't vasopressors used to treat shock in HBC cases?they will increase blood pressure and vascular resistance but will not increase tissue perfusion


  2. What is the duration of effect of morphine in dogs?morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl


  3. Which of these is a dose-dependent effect of morphine?
    A. tachycardia
    B. diarrhea
    C. increased urine voiding
    D. hypothermia
    1-6 hours


  4. What is the benefit of using hypertonic fluids instead of isotonic fluids to treat shock?1-6 hours


  5. What method of administration should be used for opioids in patients with severe pain?
    A. SQ
    B. IM
    C. IV