JoeWinn 75/76 07A APU

An illuminated APU RUN Light indicates the _____
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Rotating the APU Selector to START begins the automatic start sequence opening the _____ and the _____ and energizing an _____• APU fuel valve • APU inlet door • AC or DC Fuel Pump [7.30.1]The APU Starter Duty Cycle is a _____• Max of 3 consecutive starts/attempts in a 60-minute period [7.30.1]If the APU Switch is inadvertently moved to OFF, but the RUN Light is still illuminated _____• Momentarily moving the APU Switch to START will cancel the shutdown signal [7.30.2]The APU will shut down without a cooling delay when the _____ or in the case of a _____ or _____ or when the _____• Fire Switch is pulled • Fire • Fault • APU Bleed Valve has been closed and the APU Switch is moved to OFF [7.30.2 and Ground School Instructor]Placing the Battery Switch OFF will shut down the APU _____• Only while on the ground [7.30.2]Shutting down the APU using the Battery Switch on the ground is not recommended because even though there will be a _____ there may not be _____ available• Cooldown cycle • APU fire detection [7.30.2]It is normal for the APU FAULT Light to illuminate _____• Momentarily during start & shut down [7.30.2]APU Fault Detection Circuitry is reset by _____• Placing the APU Switch to OFF [7.30.2]An APU Start requires the APU Battery for the _____• APU Starter [Systems Study Guide]An APU Start requires the Aircraft Battery for the _____• DC Fuel Pump • APU Fuel Valve • Fire Protection • Fault Circuitry [Systems Study Guide]The APU Generator OFF Light will not illuminate when the APU is shut down even though the _____• Switch is left ON [Handout]