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Joseph the Mallord was actually named William, so he needed a time Turner. -Jordan

Joseph Mallord William Turner

What is Turner's full name?

landscape; seascape

Turner was one of the most recognized English ___________ and ___________ painters in the nineteenth century.


Turner was born here.

Royal Academy

When he was fourteen Turner enrolled in classes at the ___________ in London.

watercolor painting

Turner exhibited his first ______________ at a Royal Academy exhibition in 1790, just one year after being admitted as a student.


Turner's acceptance as a member of the Royal Academy was unusual because he was so ________.

Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Venice

Turner traveled through parts of Europe, visiting these four places.

Claude Lorrain and Jacob van Ruisdael

Turner studied the works of great seventeenth-century landscape painters including these two.

history painting

Turner painted landscapes on a scale that was often reserved for what?


In the nineteenth century this word was used to describe scenery that is tranquil and pleasant but natural and rustic


In the nineteenth century this word was used to describe scenery that is ominous and threatening, revealing the awesome power of nature over humans.

Dido Building Carthage

This painting of Turner's depicts ancient Roman history through a monumental, picturesque landscape.

Snow Storm-Hannibal Crossing the Alps

This painting of Turners refers to the storm of 218 B.C.E. that caught an ancient Roman military leader and his troops in the mountains, depicting an ominous landscape.


Turner's style placed great emphasis on this.


Turner created an illusion of form by using this technique for undefined areas of color.


Art historians often think of Turner as a forerunner of the __________ movement, which would emerge in France soon after his death.

essential elements

Turner would reduce landscape to what?

red, orange, and yellow

What vivid colors are used in "Slave Ship"?

blue, green, and black

What dark colors are used in "Slave Ship"?


How many parts is "Slave Ship" divided into?

ocean predators

What are the slaves in "Slave Ship" being attacked by?

The History of the Abolition of the Slave Trade

"Slave Ship" was inspired by a story recounted in this work by Thomas Clarkson.

insurance companies

In the original story of the Slave Ship, the captain made the decision to throw sick slaves overboard in the hope of getting reimbursed by ______________.

Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade

Thomas Clarkson was a founding member of this group, which was established in London beginning in 1787.

British Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

This group was formed to abolish slavery throughout the world, which organized an international convention in London in 1840 that Thomas Clarkson attended.

Royal Academy

"Slave Ship" was exhibited here in 1840.

George Landow

What art historian argued that "Slave Ship" was meant to depict the ultimate retribution paid to slavers for their inhumane acts, as evidenced by the ship about to be lost at sea?

Zong Affair

What is the name of the event upon which "Slave Ship" is based off of?

Luke Collingwood

Who was the captain of the ship involved in the Zong Affair?

Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon Coming On

What is the alternate and much longer name of "Slave Ship"?

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