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Control Z

undo last operation

Control A

select all

Control N

new document


(or object) any individual shape that is created in illustrator. The path can be opened or closed

Anchor Point

a point that joins two segments of a path


Only selected objects can be modified. When a whole object is selected, its anchor points are solid (not hallow)

Direct-selection tool

selects only a certain anchor point or parts of


The color that is applied to the edge of the path of an object


A color, pattern, or gradient that is applied to the inside of an object


used for graphics and web-safe colors. Filters can only be used in this format or color mode.

Art Board

a printable space where your artwork is created.


this allows you to work, edit, and organize you artwork (a lot of units stacked); editable units

unite command

using pathfinder, this command combines two or objects

water mark

will be present in any copy or print out and will be digitized

Control L

adjusting levels


will resize a portion of the photo you want to use, cutting out parts of the photograph will make a better image


the wavelength of light that gives a color its name


shows the tones of a photograph black (shadows), white (highlights), and gray (mid-tones) or known as gamma


used for processing ; used for print

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