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  1. disgruntled
  2. psychology
  3. superficial
  4. resonating
  5. appalling
  1. a Shock, horror, disgust.
  2. b Echoing, repeating.
  3. c To make ill-humored.
  4. d The science of behavior and mental processes.
  5. e Lacking deep meaning; shallow; unimportant or unnecessary. Phony, unimportant.

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  1. Delicate, not obvious.
  2. A bell tower.
  3. A state of intense emotion.
  4. Someone you know, but who is not a close friend.
  5. Actions taken to prevent difficulty before it happens.

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  1. poiseSelf-control, calmness.


  2. conferTo think about or wonder.


  3. descendTo go down.


  4. observantLacking in order.


  5. loatheSelf-control, calmness.