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  1. conspicuous
  2. subdued
  3. loathe
  4. foreboding
  5. invasion
  1. a Act of entering by force.
  2. b A feeling that something bad will happen.
  3. c Quiet and restrained.
  4. d To regard with extreme disgust; hate.
  5. e Easily seen, apparent.

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  1. Diseased state of the lung.
  2. To disturb greatly. Agitate, bother, worry.
  3. Feared greatly.
  4. To destroy or make into nothing.
  5. Lacking in order.

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  1. descendTo go down.


  2. acquaintanceIrritating; annoying.


  3. jubilationGreat joy and excitement.


  4. premonitionTo warn in advance.


  5. precautionsActions taken to prevent difficulty before it happens.