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  1. foist
  2. buttress
  3. perceptive
  4. deleterious
  5. denizen
  1. a noun, an inhabitant, resident; one who frequents a place
  2. b verb, to impose by fraud; to pass off as worthy or genuine; to bring in by stealth, dishonesty, or coercion
  3. c adjective, harmful, injurious
  4. d verb, to support, prop up, strengthen; noun, a supporting structure
  5. e adj, having sympathetic insight or understanding, capable of keen appreciation

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  1. adjective, happening as though through divine intervention; characterized by good fortune
  2. adj, awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy
  3. noun, an opinion different from accepted belief; the denial of an idea that is generally held sacred
  4. adjective, winding, twisted, crooked; highly involved, complex, devious
  5. verb, to break the surface of the water, to turn sideways to the wind and waves; to bring up or begin to talk about; to announce; to pierce in order to draw off liquid; noun, a spit for roasting

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  1. prosaicadjective, dull, ordinary, lacking in distinction and originality; characteristic of prose, not poetic


  2. bulwarkverb, to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate


  3. magniloquentadj, likely but not certain to happen, possible, happening by chance; Noun, a representative group forming part of a larger body


  4. extraneousadjective, coming from the outside, foreign; present but not essential, irrelevant


  5. mollifyverb, to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities, etc.; to arrange in order for some specific purpose


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