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extra words from the book for Mr.PAZ


culturally defines standards that guide a lifestyle


specific statements that people hold to be true, generally based on values


actions that people take, are generally based on values and beliefs


the rules and expectations by which a society guides the behavior of its members

culture system

group of interconnected culture complexes

geographic region

entire system that intertwines with its locational and environmental

cultural diffusion

non-material and material culture spreading to areas around them

Carl Sauer

focused on cultural diffusion

Torsten Hagerstrand

wrote about cultural diffusion

cultural relativism

the practice of evaluation a culture by its own standards


language family that is most popular

linguistic fragmentation

condition where many languages are spoken, each by a relativily small group of people


has family within a family

stnadrad language

those that are recognized by the government and the norm for schools


the ability to communicate with 2 languages


the ability to communicate with more than 2 languages

extinct language

once used, but now no longer spoken or read in daily activities


emphasizes the ability of human beings to guide their own way


transformed Communism into a central ideology in many areas during the 20th century






large and basic divisions within a religion

Roman Catholic

largest percent of Christianity
-found in Latin and North America, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Central Africa


25% of the world's pop. of Christianity
-North America, Northern Europe, Britian, SOuth Africa, and Australia.

Eastern Orthodox

10% of all Christianity
-Eastern Europe and Russia


56% of Buddhism
-characterized by incorporations of ideas and gods from other regions as it spreads into East Asia


38% of Buddhism
-characterized by stricter adheirence to original Buddha teaching


6% of Buddhism
-emphasis on magic and other techniques


a universalizing religion


a universalizing religion


is code of moral conduct based on humaneness and family loyalty


holds that happiness lies in maintaining perfect harmony with nature

traditional religion

integral part of a local culture and society

Folk life

composite culture, bith material and nonmaterial, that shapes the lives of folk societies

folk culture region

many people who live in the same land space who share at least some of same folk customs


artifacts that carry special meaning to a religion

regional identity

expressing the way of religion and its own identity

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