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A certain amount of disagreement is healthy in any organization, but in our club ______ has almost become a way of life.


I noticed with some distaste how her usually overbearing manner became ______ when our employer joined the group.


If we are going to be required to perform a(n) ______ version of the play, then I think it is not worth doing.


Imagine our ______ when the brakes failed and we headed full speed toward the busy intersection!


Students who have been well trained in the social sciences should not be ______ to the cheap fallacies of racism.


The estate he had inherited from his father was ______ in a long series of impractical and/or mismanaged business enterprises.


Try your best to subdue your natural reluctance and make a ______ decision that will be in your son's best interests.


My Spanish friend finds it hard to understand the ______ attached to bullfighting in most non-Hispanic countries.


Their ______ stares and obvious inability to understand the seriousness of the situation made me doubt their mental capacity.


Though I was annoyed by the child's behavior, the father's outburst of anger seemed to me deplorably ______.


I am not ordinarily a ______ person, but the sight of that terrible automobile accident haunted me for weeks.


By reference to ______ cases, you may be able to clarify the difference between "murder" and "manslaughter" for the law students.


It is not for me to ______ his motives, but how could anyone except an overambitious scoundrel have misled his friends in that way?


Aren't you going a little far when you accuse me of ______ because I didn't vote for you in the beauty contest?


The retiring coach said he no longer had the stomach to run the ______ of critics who assailed him after every loss.


There is often a thin line between the kind of debate that is spirited and useful and that which is ______ and nonproductive.


Not too long ago in our society, a ______ body was generally admired as a sign of prosperity and physical vigor.


When Mr. Kummer saw my pathetically inept efforts to prepare a banana split, I was ______ to the ranks of the unemployed.


The prisoner attempted to ______ his confession on the grounds that he had not been informed of his legal rights.


Far from being ______, her failure after making a valiant effort may serve as an inspiration to young people.

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