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to hug each other


to love each other

andare a piedi

to walk, to go on foot

andare in aereo (bicicletta/macchina/moto/treno)

to fly, to go by plane (bike, car, motorcycle, train)

andare in bagno (camera/cucina/salotto)

to go in the bathroom (bedroom/kitchen/living room)

andare in banca (centro/chiesa/piazza/ufficio)

to go to the bank (downtown/church/town square/office)


to kiss each other

compiere gli anni

to have a birthday

fare la doccia

to take a shower

fare il ponte

to take an extra day off

farsi gli auguri

to exchange good wishes


to meet each other


to fall in love


to break up

mettersi insieme

to become a couple


to greet each other


to separate


to marry


to see each other

volersi bene

to love/care about each other

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