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Mrs. Pruetts (Mrs. Meltons) career orientation world of work review test


a ____ is something that people want to obtain and work to achieve.

a career goal

one of the most important goals one set is


a person's outlook on life


work that a person does for pay

a career may involve many jobs over a period of years

the difference between a job and a career is

they take time and planning

one thing all goals have in common is that

the harder one will work toward it

the more one values a goal


using people in Mexico to assemble parts is an example of

workforce diversity

a wide variety of workers with different backgrounds, ideas, and skills

right now

the best time to begin planning your future career path is

i am responsible for my own mistakes

which of the following is a positive attidtude


an activity whether paid or unpaid resulting in something useful


characteristics that make up a population


an attitude can be defined as a way of

global economy

a worldwide financial management system that affects the way we do business

i blame others

which of the following is an example of a negative attidude?


the type of work in which a person is employed

seem angry much of the time

people with negative attitudes usually

long-term goal

something a person wants to achieve later in life requiring much planning

career goal

a long term work plan including education, training, and eexperience


referring to a group of people with common customs, language or race


to get acquainted with or become familiar with a new job or situation

short-term goal

soemthing one wants to obtain in the near future gnerally less then five years

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