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Lab Safety

Prepare for each lab by...
Reading all instructions
If an accident, injury or incorrect procedure does occur; what should you do?
Report it to a teacher immediately
Never ___________ in the lab.
run, push or get involved with horseplay
No _________ are allowed in the lab.
Food, drinks and gum
Only this is allowed on a workspace.
Lab notebooks
Long hair should be.....
Tied back
What type of shoes are NOT allowed in the lab?
Open-toed shoes
Use to protect body from spills
Eye Goggles
Use to protect eyes from splashes and burns from chemicals
Use to protect hands from burns, spills, and sharp objects
Holding a chemical container a few inches away from nose and waving your hand over the chemical to catch a scent
Eye wash
If you get stuff in your eye use this
Do not put these down the sink
Work Area
Make sure this is clean before you leave
Kill fires with...
A fire blanket
Read and watch for ________ symbols.
if there is a spillage, what should you do?
Wash it off immediately and tell a teacher
Place broken glass and solid substances in....
designated containers