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  1. predominant
  2. habituate
  3. whimsical
  4. bludgeon
  5. encroach
  1. a (adj.) subject to odd ideas, notions, or fancies; playful; unpredictable
  2. b (n.) a short club used as a weapon (v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong argument to gain ones point
  3. c (adj.) the greatest in strength or power; most common
  4. d (v.) to become used to; to cause to become used to
  5. e (v.) to advance beyond the usual or proper limits; to trespass

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  1. (adj.) short, rudely brief
  2. (n.) kind of weasel (v.) to hunt or search out; to torment, badger
  3. (v.) to regret, be sorry for (n.) a feeling of regret
  4. (adj.) having to do with punishment
  5. (n.) freedom from punishment

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  1. fend(v.) to annoy, anger, exasperate; to confuse, baffle


  2. entail(v.) to put a burden on, impose, require, involve; to restrict ownership of property by limiting inheritance (n.) such a restriction


  3. veritable(adj.) actual, true, real


  4. engross(v.) to occupy the complete attention, absorb fully


  5. recluse(n.) a person who leads a life shut-up or withdrawn from the world