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  1. defile
  2. transition
  3. prodigy
  4. awry
  5. dire
  1. a (n.) a change from one state or condition to another
  2. b (v.) to make unclean or dirty; to destroy the purity of
  3. c (n.) something wonderful or marvelous; something monstrous or abnormal; an unusual feat; a child or young person with extraordinary ability or talent
  4. d (adj.) dreadful, causing fear or suffering; warning of trouble to come; demanding immediate action to avoid disaster
  5. e (adj., adv.) in a turned or twisted position or direction; wrong, out of the right or hoped-for course

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  1. (adj.) related to the matter at hand; to the point
  2. (adj.) short, rudely brief
  3. (v.) to blame, scold, find fault with
  4. (adj.) suitable, fitting, likely; quick to learn
  5. (n.) an exchange in trade (v.) to exchange goods

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  1. veritable(adj.) pleasing in appearance or personality, attractive


  2. ferret(v.) to ward off, resist; to get along, manage


  3. impending(n.) freedom from punishment


  4. endow(v.) to ward off, resist; to get along, manage


  5. habituate(v.) to end resistance, give up, surrender, throw in the towel