Chapter 18 study guide: part 2

in what part of the body does digestion begin?
describe in sentences the location and function of the pancreas.
location is in the accesory organs and it is involved in digestion
explain the term accessory organs as they relate to digestion.
aid by producing chemicals which help digest food.
list the names of the major organs of the digestive tract.
mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine.
list the names of 3 accessory organs.
liver, gall bladder, and pancreas
explain the function of saliva and describe what saliva is made up of.
siliva contains enzymes which helps break down food
what process helps mix food up in the stomach?
name a digestive solution present in the stomach which helps aid in the breakdown of food.
hyrochloric acid
in what part of the small intestine does most digestion take place?
answer the question at the end of the figure 15 caption.
the decrease of surface area makes less nutrients and so you loose weight
what is the role of bacteria in your large intestine? describe what these bacteria do.
to make vitamins and break down undigested food like celloluse.
describe the diet of poor children in india observed by R. Rajalakshmi.
breakfast- cup of tea lunch-bread dinner- rice w/ small fish
explain why the advice given to poor women in india concerning eating more meat and drinking orange juice was not practical.
people there didnt eat such foods, they werent easy to find, and 2 expensive also cultural reasons.
desribe the nutritional program that R. set up in India.
locally grown fruits, vegetables, and grain. Legumes (plants related to peas and peanutes), vegtables, and an indian food called dhokla.
what were the results of R.'s work?
indian kids were growing, healthy, and strong.